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 CloudFabrix is Recognized as a AIOps Leader and Fast Moving Innovator in GigaOm 2021 AIOps Radar Report

 AI(work)Ops: A Research View of AIOps Implementations, by EMAResearch

 CloudFabrix and Announce Strategic Partnership to Provide Complete Data Center Transformation

 How Robotic Data Automation Could Automate Data Pipelines

 CloudFabrix Announces AIOps 2.0 to Accelerate and Simplify AIOps Implementations at the 2021 AIOps Virtual Conference

 CloudFabrix featured in “Top 20 vendors shaping IT Performance”
by Digital Enterprise Journal (DEJ)
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Talking AIOps with CloudFabrix CEO Raju Datla

Source: FUTR tech

 CloudFabrix named "Value Leader" in multiple AIOps Categories
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 CloudFabrix featured in 2020 Technology Innovation Showcase
Source: Digital Enterprise Journal

On a high level, four key value areas of AIOps solutions has been: reducing alert noise, root cause analysis and preventing and resolving performance issues. CloudFabrix not only provides strong capabilities in each of these areas, but its solution includes strong competitive differentiators across each of these segments.

CloudFabrix Expands its Operations Intelligence Solution to Accelerate Outcome-Driven AIOps
Source: PRNewswire

CloudFabrix, the Digital Intelligence AIOps vendor, announces enhanced Operations Intelligence capabilities for enterprises to achieve their business and operational outcomes.

 The CloudFabrix Incident Room: Unifying IT (ITOM + ITSM) for the Digital Age
Source: EMA

CloudFabrix Automated Incident Management & Remediation ( Troubleshoot, Resolve and Automate Incidents Faster Than Ever with Incident Room ) Download Report

 CloudFabrix awarded "EMA Vendor to Watch"
Source: EMA

....... CloudFabrix has gone beyond the obvious by extending cfxDimensions with its rich AIOps architecture to support true IT lifecycle asset management. In doing so, CloudFabrix has become an EMA Vendor to Watch....... Download Report

 CloudFabrix Announces new SaaS offerings of its Digital Intelligence Apps to Enable Rapid Adoption of AIOps in Enterprises
Source: PRNewswire

CloudFabrix, a leading Digital Intelligence AIOps vendor, announces the launch of its Digital Intelligence Apps SaaS offerings with expanded AI capabilities. CloudFabrix Digital Intelligence suite of Apps and Solutions is now available as a cloud-based and fully-managed SaaS offering.

CloudFabrix listed in "2019 Best Tech Startups in Pleasanton"
Source: The Tech Tribune

The Tech Tribune staff has compiled the very best tech startups in Pleasanton, California. In doing our research, we considered several factors including...

 CloudFabrix unveils its latest AIOps Platform Features and Solutions to Accelerate Autonomous IT Operations
Source: CloudFabrix Software

CloudFabrix Software, Inc., a leading AIOps software company, today announces the following breakthrough capabilities to accelerate AIOps adoption in enterprises.

 CloudFabrix Software announces Industry’s first AI-powered Decision Rooms to empower IT decision makers and business leaders with actionable recommendations
Source: CloudFabrix Software

CloudFabrix new capabilities solve some of the key challenges faced by enterprises today. Business users and decision makers find it challenging to plan and implement large-scale technology refresh, cloud migration, and hybrid IT Transformation projects, primarily because of lack of enough real time deep asset intelligence, actionable recommendations and the associated risk/impact analysis.

 AIOps Panel Discussion At CiscoLive 2018
Source: Rishidot

AIOps: Its impact on Cloud, Data Center and ITOps. A panel with brightest minds and industry experts in AI, SDI, SDN, IT Ops and Cloud.

CloudFabrix Accelerates Adoption of SaaS, Hardware and Software Subscription Services Using Next Generation IT Asset Lifecycle Management Solution
PLEASANTON, Calif., June 12, 2018 | Source: PRNewswire

Provides continuous visibility and intelligence to optimize hardware and software assets across the IT application and infrastructure based on usage and spend.

CloudFabrix Announces Multiple Cisco Integrations to bring Outcome driven Analytics to Cisco Customers and Partners
June 8, 2018 | Source: CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix, leading AIOps vendor and Cisco Preferred Solution Partner, today announces multiple Cisco integrations to bring Outcome driven Analytics to Cisco Customers and Partners. CloudFabrix flagship AIOps platform, cfxDimensions, continuously discovers application and infrastructure interdependencies within the context of pre-determined business objectives related to cost, capacity, compliance and operational performance. CloudFabrix is showcasing its Cisco integrations and live demos at Cisco Live 2018, Orlando, FL.

 GDT and CloudFabrix to Jointly Offer NextGen IT Transformation Services
June 5, 2018 | Source: GDT

GDT, a leading IT integrator and data center solutions provider, and CloudFabrix, an AIOps Software vendor, have joined forces to accelerate the IT transformation journey for customers with next generation managed services built on the CloudFabrix cfxDimensions AIOps platform.

 "Company to Watch Out for..."
"CloudFabrix's solution stack offers a compelling value proposition for Asian enterprises seeking to optimize their IT infrastructure and effectively govern cloud architectures. With enhanced focus on integrated IT management , analytics and measurable outcomes - Cloudfabrix is well aligned to support enterprises in their Digital Transformation journey" - Nishchal Khorana, Director, Digital Transformation

 CloudFabrix recognized by Enterprise Networking Magazine as Top 10 Network Monitoring Solutions Provider – 2018

Taking an outcome-driven approach to monitoring, analytics, and automation, CloudFabrix simplifies and unifies IT monitoring, operations, and governance of both traditional and modern IT in a multi-cloud environment

 EMA Report - CloudFabrix cfxDimensions: The Unique Power of Outcome-Driven Analytics
Source: EMA research

Report Summary - The CloudFabrix cfxDimensions platform stands out as a game-changer within the AIA universe.

 EMA Digital War Room - Read full Report
Source: EMA research

Report Summary - Unifying IT Decision-Making for Digital War Rooms: A Deep Dive Into How to Succeed in the Age of Cloud and Agile

 Video: Watch CloudFabrix Introduction, Value Prop and Use Cases
Source: CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix enables IT to be more responsive, efficient and outcomes driven. CloudFabrix offers Integrated IT Management (cfxPulse, cfxRealize, cfxAutomate, cfxHorizons) and Advanced Analytics suite of products built on its flagship cfxDimensions AIOps platform that provides ML/AI, Analytics and Data Ingestion capabilities across all its products.

Launching Asset Life Cycle Management & Adoption Product
Jan 2018 | Source: CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix launching asset lifecycle management and adoption product to provide continuous visibility and intelligence to optimize hardware and software assets usage and spend

Launching Next Generation Hybrid IT Monitoring Product
October 2017 | Source: CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix launching highly scalable next generation Hybrid IT monitoring product to provide near real-time and actionable monitoring intelligence

Leaders in Advanced IT Analytics - EMA research report
September 2017 | Source: EMA research

CloudFabrix featured in leaders list in Advanced IT Analytics (AIA) released by EMA research

 CloudFabrix AppDimensions received Top 3 vendors award by EMA Research in multiple categories - "Unified Monitoring and Management", "Autonomic Computing" and "Machine Learning for IT Operations".
Source: EMA

Bhaskar Krishnamsetty Business Driven Digital IT and Cloud Native Architectures Accelerate Need for Next Gen ITOA

Source: The ITOA Landscape
IT Transformation is all about optimizing and automating IT alignment with business outcomes. ITOA has changed the game from Tools driven IT to Insights driven IT. ITOA solutions will start addressing multiple stakeholders beyond IT Operations.

The ITOA Landscape CloudFabrix listed in ITOA50 top 50 IT Operations Analytics vendors.
Source: The ITOA Landscape

CloudFabrix advances the ITOA evolution from Insights driven IT to Outcomes driven IT, with its flagship offering AppDimensions, which is an Outcomes driven advanced Analytics platform.

The new reality for Enterprises beyond 2017
December 31, 2016 | Source: CloudFabrix

Cloud is going to be the integral part of Enterprise backbones: Enterprises are getting past the Cloud first or Cloud too phase. Cloud infrastructure, storage and services are going to be the integral part of all enterprise backbones.

EMA Cloud Rants on CloudFabrix
Oct 31, 2016

CloudFabrix AppDimensions™ Application Analytics and Governance Platform Now Available in the Oracle Cloud Marketplace
Sep 20th, 2016 | Source: PRNewswire

Oracle Cloud Customers can use CloudFabrix AppDimensions™ to modernize and govern enterprise applications.

How CloudFabrix is Bringing the Enterprise Governance to the Cloud
Sep 9th, 2016 | Source: The New Stack

As enterprises continue to scale up and out across the cloud, their infrastructure can become difficult to manage. Understanding where to abstract away layers of one’s infrastructure can be beneficial to operations teams because it provides more control when working with policy management and creation.

CloudFabrix stands among top 3 in the VMworld 2016, Las Vegas
Sep 2nd, 2016 | Source: Heise Online

Optimum App Deployment for Data Center and Cloud

CloudFabrix announces its Global Partner Program to deliver and accelerate customers' Digital and Cloud Journey
Pleasanton, California, Aug 29, 2016 | Source: PRNewswire

Program assists System Integrators, Solution Providers, Technology Vendors and Managed Services Providers to assess, deliver, extend and optimize Cloud and Digital Solutions and Services

How CloudFabrix Brings Governance and Consistency to Enterprise Applications in Today's Digital and Multi-cloud world?
Source: The New Stack

CloudFabrix CPO Bhaskar Krishnamsetty podcast interview by TheNewStack Founder Alex Williams

CloudFabrix Announces AppDimensions™ Bode Release to Provide Outcomes Driven Analytics Approach for Successful and Secure Enterprise Digital Transformation
Pleasanton, California, July 11, 2016 | Source: PRNewswire

Offers unique cross-layer, cross-domain application analytics platform to expedite enterprise multi-cloud journey, application modernization and governance of the digital footprint.

CloudFabrix Launched @ CiscoLive 2016, Berlin
Feb 15, 2016, Launch tweet by Raju Datla, CEO of CloudFabrix

Modernizing applications just got easier with CloudFabrix AppDimensions™
Feb 15, 2016 by Michelle Davidson | Source: SiliconAngle

The drive to modernize applications and transform organizations into modern digital businesses has been a bumpy one for many companies. CloudFabrix Software Inc. plans to smooth the path, however, with its AppDimensions™ solution.

CloudFabrix Overview on Risidot Research
February 16, 2016 by Krishnan | Source: RishiDot

In this briefing note, Krishnan covers CloudFabrix AppDimensions™ platform and SWOT analysis.

CloudFabrix Introduces AppDimensions™ – Industry’s first GPaaS
February 15, 2016 | Source:

CloudFabrix Software is proud to introduce AppDimensions™, Industry’s first GPaaS – Governance Platform as a Service, designed and architected to modernize and govern applications, operations and processes.

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Robotic Data Automation Launch Webinar

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McKesson | Webinar | CloudFabrix

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Hack your way to find IT blind spots and cost savings to kickstart your AIOps journey, 20th May 2020, 10AM PST

A unique virtual AIOps hackathon that will provide an opportunity for IT practitioners to experience and play with critical elements of AIOps journey and perform assessments. Register

Insights on AIOps Trends, Expectations and Challenges

Here we are sharing insights and practical tips from Rich Lane, a Leading Forrester Analyst on why, what and how to go about AIOps technology journey. Watch Full Video

AIOps Insights Webinar - Unifying IT with Outcome-Aware AIOps

Deep insights into this topic continue with this informative webinar featuring Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research at EMA, and Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, co-founder and chief product officer at CloudFabrix Software Inc. Watch Full Video

AIOps Insights Webinar - Unifying IT with Outcome-Aware AIOps
Source: EMA
Deep insights into this topic continue with this informative webinar featuring Dennis Drogseth, vice president of research at EMA, and Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, co-founder and chief product officer at CloudFabrix Software Inc. Register

Join us for an interactive webinar to understand the need for AIOps, Key AIOps use cases and where to start with AIOps.
Source: CloudFabrix

Webinar Series: AIOps Intro, Assessment, Success Stories & More… AIOps: Why Should I Care, Where do I Start?

CloudFabrix Showcasing in CiscoLive 2019 | San Diego, CA
June 9-13, 2019 | San Diego, CA

CloudFabrix Value Transformation Workshop, Los Angeles - May 23rd, 2019
Source: CloudFabrix Software

This program provides a tremendous opportunity for enterprises, technology providers and channel partners to learn how to significantly enhance their enterprise value through a clear strategic process of identifying their desired goals and leveraging key technologies such as AI, Analytics and Automation to leapfrog the digital divide.

CloudFabrix @ TSIA Conference 2019 | San Diego, CA

CloudFabrix Value Transformation Workshop - May 10th, 2019
Source: CloudFabrix Software

CloudFabrix Showcasing in CiscoLive 2018 | Orlando, FL
June 10-14, 2018 | Orlando, FL

CloudFabrix Partner Training
March 2018 | CloudFabrix

CloudFabrix Showcasing in CiscoLive 2017 - Las Vegas
June 25-29, 2017 | Networking Event

VMware Innovation Day, Bangalore
June 7th, 2017

Oracle Code, London
April 20, 2017

Oracle Code, New York City
March 21st, 2017

VMworld 2016, Las Vegas
Aug 28th - Sept 1st

"CloudFabrix Webinar"
July 21st 2016

AppDimensions Overview and Demo

CiscoLive 2016
July 10-14, Las Vegas

Explore the latest solutions from Cisco and it's top partners.

Forrester® - Digital Transformation 2016
May 10, 2016, Orlando, FL

Forum For Technology Management And Digital Business Leaders

CloudFoundry Summit 2016
May 23-25, 2016, Santa Clara

Cloud Foundry Summit is a three-day event for developers, operators and managers leveraging the industry standard platform for cloud applications.

DockerCon 2016
June 19-21, Seattle

DockerCon is the community and industry event for makers and operators of next generation distributed applications built with containers.

CiscoLive 2016
Feb 15-18, Berlin

Explore the latest solutions from Cisco and it's top partners.

ContainerCon 2015 Aug 17-19, Seattle

ContainerCon to bring together leading contributors in Linux containers, the Linux kernel, and related projects to forge a path to continued innovation and education.

Kubecon 2015 Nov 9-11, San Francisco

KubeCon conference is entirely dedicated to Kubernetes from Google