Data-centric AIOps Platform

for Hybrid Deployments

Powered by Robotic Data Automation Fabric

Robotic Data Automation Fabric Platform

Siloed Operational Domains have Gaps

Cloudfabrix Data-centric AIOps

World's #1st Data-Centric AIOps Platform

Powered by Robotic Data Automation Fabric

World's #1st Data-Centric AIOps Platform

RDAF™ is world’s first data fabric architected to unify Data Observability, Security & Automation Domains and take on the challenges of data intelligence and automation.

Digital-first businesses are striving for service assurance, which has become the lifeblood for their businesses applications. But these applications are increasingly getting complex across legacy and containerized cloud-native architectures, multi-cloud distributed micro services, and with the rise of 5G and edge.

RDAF consolidates your disparate data sources, converges on the root cause by applying dynamic AI/ML pipelines and concludes by remediating with intelligent automation. Data-driven organizations should explore, evaluate and implement RDAF for faster innovation, faster time to value, meet SLAs and SLOs, and excel at customer experiences.

Unify Data Observability, AIOps and Automation Domains

Data-Centric AIOps Platform

Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) Architecture

CloudFabrix's 6 Differentiating pillars

Turbo charge your hybrid cloud with AIOps as a Service

Transform Your Business, DevSecOps & Operations

Transform your Business, DevSecOps & Operationse

Key Tenets

Cloud Native Architecture

Secure, multi-tenant, microservices and containerized based

Low Code/No Code Platform

Business professionals with minimal or no coding experience can build observable data pipelines and fill the talent gaps in their organization

Self-Service IDE

Experiment, Automate and Publish Data & ML Pipelines for Observability and Log Intelligence with RDA Studio

Eliminate Data Silos

Democratizing and self-serving data insights to multiple personas - citizen developers, CloudOps and SecOps teams, Splunk, Elastic admins, IT engineers, SREs, and DevOps, DataOps teams.

Build pipelines with DataBots

Prebuilt libraries or purpose built. Databot is a containerized atomic unit, with access to datastore and messaging api’s, AI/ML libraries and low code programability

Data Fabric

cfxEdge and cfxCloud secure messaging and deployment. Data pipelines comprising of DataBots

Data services

Log Intelligence, AIOps, AIA, IT service Management, DataOps

BYOT – Bring your own tool

Unify all disparate data sources with on the fly integration

Data In motion

Designed for batch and streaming data Edge and IoT data sources

Optimized Ingest

Parallel high throughput streaming and batch ingest at edge or cloud. Seamless onboarding

World's First Robotic Data Automation Fabric™

to Unify Observability, AIOps & Automation. Self-service low code platform
World's First Robotic Data Automation Fabric

cfxCloud Autonomous Enterprise Strategy

Turn Data Swamps into Actionable Insights and Automation

cfxCloud Autonomous Enterprise Strategy. Turn Data Swamps into Actionable Insights and Automation


Robotic Data Automation Fabric™, is deployed as an observability pipeline, running in our hybrid cfxCloud. cfxCloud can be deployed on premises, as well as an AWS SaaS based offering for seamless onboarding. Customer has the choice to deploy on premises, in cfxCloud or datapath on premises or customer’s VPC with control path in cfxCloud. cfxCloud securely integrates with cfxEdge over a low latency, messaging interface.



cfxEdge, is an observability pipeline running at the edge or 3rd party data source / sink and is securely integrated with cfxCloud with RDAF. cfxEdge provides a mechanism to collect, transform using AI/ ML with reinforcement and federated learning and ingest selective data in cfxCloud in a parallel, high throughput and secure manner.


AI enabled Workloads need AI enabled Operations

Operationalize and democratize your AI data pipelines

Operationalize and democratize your AI data pipelines

Key Benefits

Right Data, at the right time and right place, with right insights!

using Observability
  • Observe a number of diverse data sources across the full stack
  • Connect to these different data sources with different data formats
  • Collect, corelate data and metadata while applying in-place analytics at the edge or cloud
using AIOps & DataOps
  • Contextualize, correlate, transform building observable data pipelines
  • Find patterns, root cause and anomalies using Explainable AI and NLP
with HyperAutomation
  • Formulate automation pipelines using Low Code
  • Intelligently route data to enable reactive and proactive service management


CloudFabrix Commitment to Security & Privacy

CloudFabrix is committed to maintaining the availability, integrity, and confidentiality of customer data. We’ve implemented robust processes and standards to secure customer data across all our platform operations.

CloudFabrix Commitment to Security & Privacy