Appdynamics + CloudFabrix

Resolve Alerts & Incidents Faster with Full-Stack Context and Cross-Domain Intelligence

AppDynamics + CloudFabrix

Bring together the power of visionary Application Performance Monitoring and Domain-Agnostic AIOps

AppDynamics gives you the power to ensure flawless customer experiences driven by application mapping, dynamic baselining, transaction tracing and code-level diagnostics. Combine this with CloudFabrix AIOps suite to gain full-stack context and cross-domain intelligence to drive algorithmic decisions and outcomes across the IT landscape.

This integration helps identify, troubleshoot and prevent IT problems early and effectively. With CloudFabrix AIOps 360 symptom based correlation, triage dashboard and incident room capabilities, ITOps/NOC/Command Center personnel can glean new insights with single pane of observability, conduct swift root cause analysis, view relevant operational metrics from AppDynamics alongside data from other monitoring tools/data lakes, and automate incident diagnostic/resolution.

AppDynamics + CloudFabrix

Ingest AppDynamics Alerts, Events, Health Rule Violations

Ingest AppDynamics Observability data, Asset Metadata

Extend the reach of AppDynamics operational data directly into ITSM tools and processes

Add rich context to operational data with CloudFabrix automated full-stack resolution

View, compare and correlate cross-domain incident relevant metrics & logs with Triage Dashboard

Automate diagnostic and resolution activities that go beyond applications

Key Tenets

Cross Domain Insights

Glean cross-domain insights by ingesting AppDynamics Data and correlating with operational data from other domains (infra/network/cloud/log …)

Full-Stack Context

Complement application operational data with knowledge of underlying full-stack - discovered, resolved and updated automatically by CloudFabrix

Correlated Alerts

Automatically correlate AppDynamics alerts with alerts originating from other IT operational systems, to help deduplicate alerts and bring actionability to incidents.

Triage Dashboard

View AppDynamics observability data alongside of operational data from other monitoring tools/data-lake for rapid triaging and insights.

Faster Incident Resolution

Resolve incidents with faster root cause analysis, knowledge mining, automated diagnostics, continuous collaboration and more..

Asset Intelligence

Gain dynamic IT software and hardware Asset Intelligence to glean insights into asset lifecycle events, license utilization, supportability risks, compliance and plan of record tracking.

Why the experience economy needs data-centric AIOps

Watch our recent webinar with Greg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, AppDynamics, Shailesh Manjrekar, CloudFabrix & Jamesh Schneider, Solution Architect, Cisco AppDynamics, to learn why data-centric AIOPs is the next frontier in Full Stack Observability(FSO) — and the key to optimizing multi-cloud deployments.

Getting Started is Easy

AppDynamics and CloudFabrix integration can be easily setup using Webhooks and APIs. Both platforms support On-Premise and Cloud deployments, including a fully-managed SaaS offering.

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