Generative AI Assistant

For AIOps & Observability

Macaw Generative AI Assistant

  • Macaw uses Large Language models (LLMs) - which is a class of AI techniques designed to generate new and original coherent and contextually relevant text
  • LLMs’ like GPT ( Generative Pre-trained Transformer) - need expensive GPUs for reinforcement and transfer training. Azure OpenAI service provides this with API access
  • LLM’s use algorithms to generate new datasets similar to the dataset on which it is trained
  • Macaw uses cfxLLM, our inbuilt API created with a local semantic search model trained on custom data.
  • Macaw retrieves relevant documents by attaching the concerned Knowledge Base(KB) with compression and sends them to OpenAI for generating results.

RDAF + Generative AI
A match made in heaven!

Composable Low Code / No Code Analytics
provides curated context to Generative AI models

Composable Analytics - AutoML Architecture

CloudFabrix Generative AI Assistant - Demo