Generative AI Assistant

For AIOps & Observability

Streamline Your Operations. Elevate Decision-Making. Boost Productivity.

Generative AI is revolutionizing many fields of computing, including IT and AIOps. With CloudFabrix Macaw generative assistant, IT operations personnel can streamline operations, elevate decisions and boos productivity in three specific use case categories.


Automate the creation of key artifacts, configurations and integrations. Advance from low-code to no-code

Create Dashboards, Pipelines, Bots, Service Blueprints ...
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Operational Data

Understand and interpret operational data for elevated decision making and operations

Incident summary, Reason for alerts, Recommended actions, Topology questions, Explain anomalies ...
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Intent Driven

Automate intent based operations at scale. Customize behavior with new intents

Put device in maintenance, Find device, Submit change window, Update CMDB ...
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Productivity Centric

Automate creation of various artifacts like bots, pipelines, dashboards etc. to improve IT productivity.

Examples include:

  • Create a pipeline to retrieve last 24-hours incidents from ServiceNow
  • Create a pipeline to subscribe to AWS SQS stream and send data to Kafka
  • Create a dashboard to visualize data in oia-alerts-stream
  • More...

Operations Data Centric

Understand reason for Incidents, seek recommendations, get summaries, ask topology questions, or correlate fault signatures with the Syslog messages.

Examples include:

  • Summarize incidents from last two weeks
  • +What are the remediation steps and troubleshooting guidelines for the above incident
  • +What is the user impact due to the alerts in above incident
  • Explain the alert VMware NSX alert - Zookeeper client disconnected!
  • show syslog messages with router down issue
  • +show root cause analysis from above data
  • More...

Intent Driven Automation

Automate intent driven operations like managing devices, finding entities, invoking diagnostic operations etc. Easily customize behavior with new intents.

Examples include:

  • show devices in maintenance mode
  • put device FGE22344VLL in maint mode
  • collect system diagnostics from acme01.sjchq2.local
  • More...

CloudFabrix Generative-AI Assistant for Observability & AIOps

From Low Code to No Code!

How it Works

CloudFabrix's Macaw Gen AI assistant uses Generative AI to enhance AIOps and Observability with conversational queries. Deploy it securely with local LLMs or Azure OpenAI, and integrate it via chat apps, APIs, bots, or AI dashboards. Macaw also ensures robust data governance to protect and manage your operational data effectively

  • Flexible Deployment: Azure OpenAI or local LLMs (Llama 3 8B, Mistral 7B, Gemma 2B)
  • Multiple Interfaces: Chat app, API, bots, AI dashboards
  • Customizable Intents: Easily create and manage operational intents
  • RAG Implementation: Combines intent mapping, data retrieval, and vectorization for precise results
  • Hallucination Control: Utilizes embeddings and advanced intent routing to effectively manage and minimize AI hallucinations
  • Data Governance: Ensures secure and compliant handling of operational data.

Data Fabric for Generative AI

CloudFabrix Generative AI Assistant - Demo