Healthcare & LifeSciences

Prevent Outages and security breaches for life saving pipelines


With this Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) Healthcare uses cases for EMR - Electronic Medical Records, PACS - Picture Archiving and Communication Systems and Clinical Diagnostic pipelines need to be observed using AIOps to ensure uptime and operations. Similarly Genomics and BioImaging pipelines are life blood for Lifesciences. RDAF based solution ensures service assurance for Healthcare and Life sciences verticals


  • Leading EMR and PACS vendors - EPIC, McKesson, Cerner

Use Cases


  • Drug Discovery - Drug discovery pipelines involve expensive equipment like sequencers and downstream analysis where AIOps
  • Observability is extremely crucial
  • Biological research - Involves AI/ML pipelines used for discovering cures for COVID-19, cancer and others
  • Precision Medicine - pipelines for next generation sequencing are life blood for patient care

Who is it For

IT admins
Network Operations
Security specialists
Data Engineers


Maximize ROI from existing tools
Prevent Outages
Leverage AI for Operational Intelligence
Seamless Integration and Analytics

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