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Reimagining the Possibilities of AI Driven Autonomous Enterprise

About Us

We are a team of serial entrepreneur founders with a passion for building innovative businesses that make a positive impact. We are committed to creating products and services that solve real-world problems, improve productivity and customer success. With a track record of successful startups, we bring a wealth of experience and expertise to CloudFabrix. Our mission is to build a company that solves real-world problems using cutting-edge AI, Data & Bots technologies and innovative business models.

Enabling the Autonomous Enterprise!

CloudFabrix was founded on a deep desire to enable Autonomous Enterprises. As we interviewed several big and small enterprises, one thing became very apparent. As Digital businesses were becoming more complex and abstract, it was impossible for traditional data management disciplines and frameworks to meet these requirements. As we dug deeper, 3 building blocks emerged as key pillars for embarking on a autonomous enterprise journey – the enterprise needed to adopt 1) Data-First 2) AI-First and 3) Automate Everywhere strategy.


To enable an autonomous enterprise

The Autonomous Enterprise journey has many levels just like an autonomous vehicle has levels of automation. With each of those levels an enterprise should implement more of 1) Data-First, 2) AI-First and 3) Automate Everywhere strategy. This prompted us to build the “World’s First Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF™ )”. RDAF™ enables decision at scale, is extensible across several domains, one that learns from the environment and builds intelligence on its own.

Mission & Strategy

To build the AI data grid to power the autonomous enterprise

If we were to give an analogy – mobility yesterday was driven by gas station grid. Mobility today is increasingly driven by autonomous cars, which are only as effective as the electric grid at their disposal. Similarly the Autonomous Enterprise is only as good as the “AI Data Grid” at their disposal. This is what prompted us to build the “AI Data Grid” to enable the Autonomous Enterprise journey. which is known in the industry as “Robotic Data Automation Fabric™”

  • Streaming data using Data Observability and DataOps
  • Easily embed AI frameworks and data pipelines into your existing processes while allowing to experiment using the RDAF Studio
  • Enable Hyper Automation at all levels leveraging RDAF™‘s “Data Automation”

Good place to start is with Infrastructure Operations spanning Platform and Application teams. Each of the levels drive towards the ultimate goal of transforming the enterprise across

  • People - Optimizing the workforce required by triggering automation, ticket reduction and remediation suggestions
  • Processes - Self-learning and ML driven architecture ensuring the systems stays up to date. Triggering task in ITSM tooling and remediation scripts automatically.
  • Resources - Reduces the infrastructure resources and licenses of tools in the value chain

We decided to build RDAF™ as a SaaS platform on our own cfxCloud, built on top of leading hyperscalar’s and extend it using cfxEdge. cfxCloud is cloud native, built with microservices and can be run entirely in cloud, on premises or in a hybrid deployment.

Today global customers are trusting us with their Autonomous Enterprise vision and we are enabling them to realize the full potential of Data-First, AI-First and Automate Everywhere mindset.


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