Observability Data Modernization Service

To map non-OTel signals to OTel signals for Full stack Observability and Data-centric AIOps

Meet CloudFabrix Observability Data Modernization Service (ODMS)

CloudFabrix’s Robotic Data Automation Platform unifies OpenTelemetry signals and non-open telemetry signals across Observability, Security and Networking domains

ODM Service for any OTel backends

Applications and libraries not supporting OTEL can leverage RDAF Bots which transform and ingest OTel compliant signals into OTel collector. These signals can then be exported to any OTEL backends.

  • Topology information needed for service maps is ingested using metadata, which can be leveraged by any OTel backend for visibility, insights, and actions for these non-OTel deployments.

ODM Service for Data-centric AIOps

Standards-based OpenTelemetry collector ingests cross-domain MELT signals into Robotic Data Automation Fabric at the Edge, across Hybrid and Multi-cloud deployments, using generic exporters. Data-centric AIOps platform then runs Composable pipelines, in-place search, services, and Dashboards.

  • OTel attributes are then leveraged by RDAF to build cross-domain context with Application Dependency and Impact maps
  • Out of box services - AIOps, FinOps, Log Intelligence and custom-built services use this context to provide insights and actions