For Systems, Network & IT Planning Teams

Challenges with Digital IT Asset Planning

Digital transformation relies on an organization’s ability to effectively perform many of key Network, Systems and IT planning activities, which are often faced with following challenges

Inaccurate and obsolete data delaying SLA for app/business owners

Huge Opex spending for manual data collection & reconciliation

Manual identification of impacted applications during upgrades

Wasted spend due to underutilized resources

Risk and penalties due to non-compliant

Risk with aging / obsolete assets and delayed technology refresh initiatives

FinOps Solution

Real-time visibility into assets, dependencies and their lifecycle data

CloudFabrix FinOps is a modern IT assets tracking and analytics software that provides real-time IT asset visibility, utilization and dependencies, along with key insights about upcoming lifecycle events (like end of sale/support/life), supportability risks due to missing or out-of-contract assets, identify non-compliant assets and measure/track enterprise specific plan of record or compliance policies.

Discover & Map your IT Assets

Establish accurate inventory and dependency, mapping of your network, systems and IT assets - all without manually tagging assets. Optionally, ingest CMDB service mappings. Slice and dice the asset inventory data using various fields like vendor, model, RFID tag, CAFM tag etc.

Reduce Opex Spend tied to Manual Data Collection & Reconciliation

Fully automated asset discovery, data collection, mapping and reconciliation to enable accuracy and immediacy of data, reduce time to value and improve SLAs.

Effectively Plan and Coordinate Changes or Upgrades

Successfully implement network upgrade changes by automatically identifying all impacted or dependent applications and coordinating with application owners to ensure smooth upgrade process and transition.

Capacity Planning with Asset Utilization

Know your assets utilization, find where to add/remove network capacity, which devices can be repurposed for new initiatives and track software license utilization

Plan of Record and Reduce Compliance Risk

Track and enforce hardware and software assets regulatory requirements and enterprise specific compliance requirements with fully customizable plan of record (POR) policies. Identify, current generation (N) and previous generation (N-1) and older generations (N-2, N-3) and flag assets for refresh or disposition.

Projected Compliance

Forecasting insights to help extrapolate the extent of increase in compliance with a steady rate of replacement of aging assets.

End of Life Software Risks and Asset Lifecycle Insights

Track assets key lifecycle events like warranty expiry, end-of-support, end-of-life, by leveraging programmatic integrations with hardware/software vendor APIs and notifications. Optimize asset lifecycle investments to deliver better IT services and make smarter decisions.

Recommendations for Replacement Asset

View replacement product (PID/SKU) and cost recommendations for all aging assets

Risk Mitigation

Minimize risk by identifying assets that are not covered by a vendor or partner support or maintenance contract. Identify support contracts that are about to expire in the near future.

Reduce Support Contract Costs

Identify and eliminate wasted support contract costs tied to assets that are non-existent, disposed or not business critical value (ex: non-production environments)