Take control of all your Telemetry Data with CloudFabrix Robotic Observability Pipelines

Powered by Macaw GenAI Assistant

Power your Observability, AIOps & Security Systems

with Robotic Observability Pipelines

Many to
Many Routing

1000s of
AI/Data Bots

Faster Data

In-memory &
Parallel Pipelines

Analytics &
GenAI Driven




CloudFabrix Robotic Observability Pipelines

For Observability, Security & Networking domains

CloudFabrix Data Pipelines

Key Features

Accelerated Data Ingestion

  • Any Data source and Sink
  • 1000+ Bots and Bots ecosystem
  • Ingest data in pull/push/batch modes
  • Ingest any data types
    • Incidents, MELT - Metrics, Event, Log, Traces, KPIs, Asset Inventory / CMDB, Topology as application dependency maps / service maps, Tickets, business specific data
  • Conversion to Open Telemetry for any OTEL backend
  • PII Mask sensitive information

Liberate Data & Reduce Costs
with Data Routing

  • Liberate data by separating data producers and consumers
  • Route to multiple locations - Cisco Observability Platform, CloudFabrix AIOps Platform, Data Lakes, Data Lakehouse like Dynatrace Grail, Splunk, Log Stores, Analytics Platforms and Composable Dashboards

Improve MTTI and MTTR with Data Contextualization and Enrichment

  • Real-time topology discovery and enriching / contextualizing datastreams with application or business context
  • Enrich datastream using Geo-IP or DNS looksups from InfoBlox, CVE MITTRE and TIP feeds

Democratize with Gen AI, AutoML and Intent Based Automation

  • Leverage Macaw GenAI assistant conversational queries to generate observability pipelines
  • AI-enhanced dashboards provide insightful summaries and recommendations
  • Intent-based automation - Leverage GenAI with Observability pipelines for workflow automation

Composable with
Low-Code Bots

  • Craft your perfect data flow with low-code or use pre-built solutions
  • 1000+ bots in the library. Easily build new bots with SDK
  • Deploy freedom: on-prem, cloud or hybrid environments.

Pipeline Choice: In-Memory, Inferencing, Event-Driven, etc.

  • Rich set of Pipelines for various use case scenarios
  • In-memory pipelines for inline processing & high throughput message passing
  • Inference pipelines for anomaly detection, classification and more
  • Event-driven pipelines for topology updates, change detection and more
  • Service pipelines for always-on data ingestion and Scheduled pipelines for timed data processing
  • Action pipelines to trigger automations, Alerting pipelines for ticketing

Analyst Endorsed

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