Solution Pack

Network Automation

Automated Asset Intelligence and Network Planning Insights


With this Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) Network Automation Solution Pack, you can automate tasks related to establishing asset intelligence, capacity utilization, lifecycle, compliance, and network planning activities.


Use Cases


Real-time Network Infrastructure Discovery and Mapping Dependencies

Discover all your network assets in near real-time using agentless discovery and vendor integrations and automatically establish topology/interconnectivity to establish application dependency mapping (ADM)

Benefit: Upto 100% IT Asset Visibility

Effective Network upgrade/Change Coordination for Network Planning and NetOps Teams

Automatically find out applications that will be impacted for a network upgrade and proactively coordinate changes with respective application owners.

Benefit: Upto 50% faster CAB approvals and change implementation

Port Capacity/Utilization insights including Zero Port Switch insights

Find DC/site/product family/device level port capacity and utilization insights to drive optimization. Find switches that are powered up but not using any ports aka Zero Port Switches to help reallocate network resources for immediate initiatives (ex: COVID-19 test sites, workplace resources, etc.)

Benefit: $800k/year savings from unused assets

Risk assessment insights with Asset Lifecycle events and Support Contract coverage

Automatically find out impending lifecycle events on network/IT assets (ex: End of Sale/Support/Life) and if the assets are covered by maintenance contracts.

Benefit: Upto 75% reduction in customer found problems

Implement Custom Compliance Policies and establish Plan of Record

Track and enforce IT assets regulatory and enterprise-specific compliance requirements with customizable plan of record (POR) policies. Identify, current generation (N) and the previous generation (N-1), and older generations (N-2, N-3) and flag assets for refresh or disposition.

Benefit: 250K/qtr out of compliance cost savings

Who is it For

Network Planning
Systems Planning
Network Operations
Datacenter Operations
IT Analysts/ Procurement


Automated & Accurate Asset Visibility
Optimized IT Asset Utilization
Improved Compliance
Efficient Risk Mitigation
Faster Technology Upgrade/Refresh Cycles
Accelerate IT Transformation

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