Automate your ITSM Operations related to Tickets, Incidents, CMDB and More


With this Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) ITSM Pack, you can automate typical activities related to incident management, change management and CMDB using our data bots and integration bots for popular ITSM vendors.


Use Cases


Enrich Incidents with NLP insights to accelerate L1/L2 teams operations

Get sentiment analysis and summary of tickets, review keywords, concepts, and categories of the ticket, and identify named entities - all with NLP pre-trained AI/ML models.

Benefit: Saved 30-mins/incident

Automated Knowledge Base Articles Recommendation based on Incident insights

Get recommendations for KB articles based on incident description/comments and ML models that learn from historical incidents.

Benefit: Detours cut by 30%

Enhancing Incidents with Asset/CI Lifecycle Insights

Get to know End of Life, End of Sale or End of Support events, open field/security notices, and vendor recommended migration options for impact asset/CI of the incident.

Benefit: $250K/Qtr out of compliance savings

Reducing Ticket Detours: Extracting 3rd party vendor support case details

Some incidents depend on 3rd party vendor support. In such cases, enrich your incidents with vendor support case status, case trial, and details

Benefit: Detours cut by 30%

eBonding incidents to multiple tools: PagerDuty, Twilio, Slack/MS Teams, Elasticsearch, and more

Send incidents to multiple stakeholders or multiple tools simultaneously - for example to on-call teams, application support teams, SMEs, audit/reporting teams, and managerial teams.

Benefit: Upto 70% Cost reduction

CMDB Update and Synchronization with real-time hybrid IT asset intelligence data

Updating CMDB and filling CMDB gaps with 1) Inventory 2) Metadata 3) Relationships

Benefit: Upto 100% CMDB accuracy

Who is it For

Major Incident Managers
Service Assurance Management
IT Service Desk/ Help Desk Managers
IT Operations/ Enterprise Tools


Reduced incident management costs
Improved IT Productivity
Fewer SLA breaches, ticket handoffs
Improved customer satisfaction

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