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Hybrid Cloud Data Ops & Distributed IT Automation


With Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) CloudOps Pack, you can automate data operations involving message delivery, data sharing, integrations and IT tasks involving hybrid IT and multi-cloud distributed environments.


Use Cases


Real-time monitoring observability of a cloud application

Easily and securely perform observability data collection and/or sharing among hybrid multi-cloud environments to enable a single pane of glass unified observability implementation.

Benefit: Upto 100% Observability

Ingest cloud logs and provide security and operational anomalies

Implement cross-domain AIOps by ingesting, preparing, and integrating log/event data from disparate data sources and multi-cloud environments

Benefit: Upto 100% log serving and analytics

Ingest Cloud data into centralized data lakehouse

Bring hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud workload data into a centralized data lakehouse (like Snowflake, Teradata, etc.) leveraging cloud integration bots, data warehouse bots, streaming data bots, and more.

Benefit: Upto 40% cost reduction

Compile a list of 24hrs cloud costs from multiple regions and send a report via Email, Slack, MS Teams, and more

Get a handle on cloud costs with custom cloud costs to report for desired regions and/or services and deliver the report via email, Slack, Microsoft Team, etc.

Benefit: Upto 100% cloud costs visibility

Detect changes in AWS or Azure VMs compared to a baseline state

Identify changes in cloud VMs compared to a golden state configuration. Identify changes like VM resizing, VM state change (start/stop/running), VM region change or launch time changes, and more

Benefit: Upto 100% change detection

Who is it For

Cloud Architects
AIOps Architects
Enterprise Monitoring


Improved Business Agility
Faster ROI/Reduced Cost
Improved customer satisfaction
Seamless Integration and Analytics

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