Discover the CloudFabrix Advantage

Driving AI and ML driven automated IT operational decisions at scale across all domains of IT, to reduce tickets, resolve faster, predict outages, improve productivity and cut costs.

Why AIOps

Modern day IT environments are becoming dynamic, interconnected and complex.
Data explosion, siloed tools and manual IT operational decisions might be holding you back.


(10X sensor data, 50X Human Data)

Not able to handle and
process fast growing data

Lack of Full-Stack

(SLA/outcomes vs Metrics)

Customers care about outcomes & SLAs
(aggregated intelligence) instead of individual metrics

Multitude of discrete
operational tools

(10+ tools on average)

Usage of functional specific tools led to tool
sprawl and management overhead

Spending too much
time on diagnostics

(Need better RCA, Predictive Analytics)

Lack of automated incident diagnostics and
contextual insights causing long resolution times

Rising resource costs due
to growing alert volume

(100K’s of alerts to <100’s)

Customers have to deal with growing
alerts by adding more people.

Risk due to technology
obsoletion, non-compliance

(10+ tools on average)

Aging infrastructure, out-of-support assets, under or over utilized, non-compliant assets increase risk


Why CloudFabrix AIOps

Perform AI & ML-Driven Operations at Scale with Proactive & Predictive Full-Stack IT Operations Platform

Automated data preparation and onboarding, native asset topology intelligence, AI/ML event correlations and predictions, single pane Incident triaging are some of the key innovations that deliver a whole new intelligent and upgrade to your IT

Other Vendors
  • PS Overhead
  • Data Gaps
  • Multiple algorithmic methods to automate data discovery & gap analysis
  • Robotic Data Automation (RDA)
Faster Time
To Value
  • Topology - 3rd Party
  • Tagging, cookbooks ...

Built in full stack discovery & mappings for automated alert enrichment

  • Rule based correlations
  • Longer time to learn

ML driven symptom and stack based correlations provides very targeted & faster noise reduction

  • No Metrics & logs
  • Cross launch of Tools

Provides single pane of triaging based on on-demand metrics, logs, changes & anomalies

  • Limited Predictive ML
  • Closed ML

Built in ML pipelines to do anomalies & predictive analytics

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