Log Intelligence

Reduce Noisy IT Logs/Events. Cut your SIEM Costs.

Log Intelligence now available on AWS Marketplace

cfxcloud Log Intelligence Splunk and SIEM Preprocessor

Problem Statement

The Ever Increasing Log Volume

CISO / VP Cloud / Enterprise Architects

Business impact - Limited predictive intelligence

Growth of Industry Spending on Data Related Costs - Yet 50+%
Splunk / ElasticSearch Admins

Increasing SIEM costs. Increasing total cost of ownership (TCO)

Data Growth - 463 Exabytes/Day by 2025
ITOps / SREOps / DevSecOps

Increasing noise in logs/events. Operational complexity

Percent of Data Analyzed so far - Only 30%

Meet Log Intelligence

With Log Intelligence you can reduce the noise in your IT/logs events without losing context or the essence of events. Log Intelligence sits in between your enterprise IT logs/events and your SIEM tools (like Splunk, QRadar, Exabeam etc.) and lets you intelligently reduce noise using a combination of AI/ML models and configurable rules using data bots and pipelines.

  • Data Reduction
  • Data Enrichment
  • Data Replay
  • Data Analytics & Observability
CloudFabrix Log Intelligence

Take back control of your Business and IT

Dynamic and real time AIOps Observability Pipelines

Featured Integrations

Log Intelligence integrates with popular enterprise log/event collectors, firewalls, IPS/IDS devices, security devices and with Datalake, analytics, SIEM, SOAR, XDR platforms

CloudFabrix Log Intelligence Featured Integrations

Log Data Reduction

Intelligently Reduce log/event volume using AI/ML bots and low-code pipelines

  • Reduce TCO by up to 50%
  • Reduce SIEM costs by up to 40%
  • Improve MTTI / MTTR by 60% and derive actionable insights
  • More...
CloudFabrix Log Intelligence Log Data Reduction

Log Data Enrichment

Add context to log/event data before it hits SIEM.

CloudFabrix Log Intelligence Log Data Enrichment
  • Perform DNS lookup
  • Perform Geo IP lookup
  • Get App/Service context CMDB
  • Detect Asset Lifecycle Events using vendor integrations
  • More...

Log Data Replay

Multiple destinations for archival, compliance and replay

  • Full logs routed to S3 bucket for archival and compliance
  • Only selective logs to SIEM, reducing costs by up to 40%
  • Replay from full logs to SIEM on-demand
  • More...
CloudFabrix Log Intelligence Log Data Replay

Log Data Analytics & Observability

CloudFabrix Log Intelligence Log Data Analytics and Observability
  • Establish trends, understand patterns
  • Monitor and alert on data changes
  • Configurable alerting
  • Intelligent alerting with AI/ML
  • More...

Log Intelligence Service Benefits

Log Ingestion
  • Bring your own log tool (BYOL)
  • Ingest data in pull/push/batch modes
Log Reduction & Replay
  • Up to 40-80% log volume reduction using correlation techniques
  • Replay using UTC timestamps, IP addresses, and certain patterns, to your choice of stream
Log Routing
  • Aggregate logs, normalize, transform, enrich
  • Route to multiple locations - data lakes, log stores, analytics platforms, composable dashboards
Log Enrichment, PII Masking
  • Enrich logs using Geo-IP or DNS looksups from InfoBlox, CVE MITTRE and TIP feeds
  • PII Mask sensitive information
Edge IoT, In-place search
  • In-Place Search, Collect and store only actionable data as a full-fidelity copy in Observability Data Lake
  • Replay on security breaches and compliance needs
Log Predictive Analytics
  • Convert logs into metrics and use a number of regression AI/ML models for anomaly detection


Functionality Freemium Standard Enterprise
Event Gateway
Centralized Management
Batch Collection and Replay
Encryption and Masking
Filtering ( whole event and fields)
Parsing and Reshaping
Aggregation ( Logs to Metrics)
Sampling and Dynamic sampling
Data Volume Upto 1 TB/day Upto 5 TB/day Unlimited
Worker nodes 10 50 Unlimited
Routes to Destination Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Sites 1 1 1
Support Slack Community 8x5 24/x7
External Auth ( LDAP and OpenID, Auth0)
Edge to Core data fabric
Analytics dashboards customizable with Service Blueprint
Low code platform
Data Governance ( audit, centralized registration, encrypted credentials)
Any K8s
cfxEdge 100 nodes Unlimited


cfxCloud Annual On-Prem Standard On Prem Enterprise cfxCloud - Standard cfxCloud Enterprise
Upto 1 TB $19,200 Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
Upto 2 TB $27,000 Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
Upto 5 TB $54,000 Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing Contact for Pricing
cfxCloud Monthly
Upto 1 TB $1,600 $5,000 $3,042 $7,604
Up to 2 TB $2,250 $6,250 $4,867 $10,950
Upto 5 TB $4,500 $7,000 $9,125 $21,292
cfxCloud - $/GB
Upto 1 TB $0.05 $0.16 $0.10 $0.25
Upto 2 TB $0.04 $0.10 $0.08 $0.18
Upto 5 TB $0.03 $0.05 $0.06 $0.14