Modern Data-driven Telco Service Assurance

Telco Service Assurance challenges

Modern Telco deployments are complex and need the service assurance solution to support many new requirements

  • Support for multiple domains e.g. DC/Campus/Cloud, Mobility, Optical, 5G, IP Transport, etc.
  • Multi-Vendor and Multi-cloud support
  • Siloed tools, future-proofing, and support for new data types
  • Support for build & run use cases – transformation & operations
  • Persona-based Single Pane of Glass across Domains
  • Intelligent Analytics & Automated close loop automation for operational efficiencies
  • Deployment flexibility – On-premises, Hybrid, or Cloud Native

Telco Service Assurance Solution Architecture

Alert Noise Reduction


Demonstration of CloudFabrix AIOps solution how it helps operations for Telco Network

Telco Service Assurance Solution

Observability, Security and Networking converging around data


  • Full Stack Asset Discovery – 5G, Edge, O-RAN
  • Application Dependency and Impact Service Map
  • Topology Visualization
  • Compliance Management
  • Change Management
  • Vulnerability Exposure
  • Lifecycle Analytics
  • Composable Dashboards
  • Observability Data Lake


  • Event/Alarm Enrichment – Topology, NLP
  • Log Enrichment – CVE, GeoIP, TIP, MiTTRE
Correlation –AI/ML
  • Event Correlation
  • Log Correlation, Replay
Predictive Analytics – AI,ML
  • Event, Log, Metrics Anomaly detection
  • Fault Synthesizer
  • Observability pipelines
  • Composable Search
Root Cause Analysis
  • Virtual War Room – RCA


  • Service Management
  • ChatOps
  • Anomaly Notifications
  • Auto Remediation
NLP Analysis
  • Recommendation Engine
  • CMDB update
Composable Analytics
  • Composable Services, Pipelines, Bots

Wireless Insights - Multiple DNAC Controllers

Topology Aware Network Events Correlation CDP, OSPF, BGP

Topology Aware Network Events Correlation CDP, OSPF, BGP

Topology Aware Network Events Correlation CDP, OSPF, BGP

Network Topology -

Network Topology - OSPF