IBM + CloudFabrix

Bringing together the expertise of IBM and CloudFabrix Data-centric AIOps Platform to help IT teams work smarter

IBM Consulting and CloudFabrix Data-centric AIOps platform leader, are working together to help clients implement next-gen IT operations use cases like enterprise-wide observability, composable in-place search, and asset intelligence analytics by unifying data, AI and automation

CloudFabrix + ICTE – IBM Consulting 3rd Eye Integration

Seamless integration into IBM Consulting Third Eye(ICTE)

Effectively perform Network, Systems, and IT planning activities with Asset Intelligence Analytics
  • Asset Discovery - Establish accurate inventory and dependency mapping of your network, systems, and IT assets without manually tagging assets.
  • License Management - Know the utilization of your assets, find where to add/remove network capacity, which devices can be repurposed for new initiatives, and track software license utilization.
  • eBonding - Synchronize or selectively replicate IBM QRadar logs/events to 3rd party log analytics tools like ElasticSearch for extended log retention and AI/ML model training.
Mitigate Risks & Reduce IT Support costs with IT Problem Avoidance
  • Ops Manager - Build observable data pipelines by connecting different data sources of different data formats using our low-code bots with the help of Generative AI.
  • Banking App Simulation - Synthesizer builds trust by simulating likely fault scenarios, e.g., delay in identity management, database issue, or a Kafka messaging bus issue, and observes the behavior of the pipelines and engines – enrichment engine, event correlation engine, recommendation engine to derive the root cause and remediation workflows.
  • L2/L3 Dashboards - Enterprises can now leverage persona-based dashboards for a number of operational personas (DevOps, ITOps, CloudOps, ServiceOps, BizOps) and diverse use cases.

Resolve Incidents Faster

With Cross Domain Insights from IBM Products alongside your tool/technology(BYOT/L)

AppDynamics + CloudFabrix

Ingest IBM Instana Alerts, Events, and Violations of SLAs and workload data & asset data from Turbonomic to help deduplicate alerts and bring actionability to incidents.

Resolve incidents with faster root cause analysis, knowledge mining, automated diagnostics, continuous collaboration, and more

Extend the reach of Instana & Turbonomic by directly leveraging ITSM tools with the help of our bots