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Unlock Greater Benefits with
CloudFabrix Data-centric AIOps Platform
Composable Analytics and AWS

powered by Robotic Data Automation Fabric

CloudFabrix + AWS Key Highlights

With a diverse set of prebuilt bots powered by Robotic Data Automation Fabric(RDAF) and easy-to-composable pipelines, now enhancing your Cloud experience has never been this simple.

  • Convergence around single source of truth with Observability– Business, Development, Operations & Security
  • Future Proof Business with AI/ML and real-time unified data driven insights
  • Leverage & optimize investments in Public Clouds, Data Centers and Edge
  • Deliver superior customer experience with proactive/ predictive capabilities and modern incident management
  • Strategize, and accelerate transformation initiatives with end-to-end asset visibility, dependencies and intelligence
  • Gain agility and flexibility with composable dashboards, data pipelines and analytics

Bring seamless integrations between various AWS Services using RDAF

AppDynamics + CloudFabrix

With the help of our RDAF platform, users can collect, process, store, and analyze data across various Amazon services like Amazon Kinesis, Data Exchange, App Flow, Glue, AWS LakeFormation, EMR, Cloud9, CodePipeline, S3, OpenSearch, CloudSearch, Sagemaker, Redshift, QuickInsights and Athena.

Users can leverage any data such as Ecommerce, SaaS Apps, IoT Devices, GeoSpatial, Social Media, and Machine Data to perform any innovative data tasks like Application Development, Risk Mitigation, leveraging other SaaS applications, and Data Modernization.

CloudFabrix’s RDAF platform can help safeguard your valuable data and protect against potential cyber threats. It also helps in compliance and governance by monitoring, reporting, and auditing the data by connecting your entire stack and helps scale if necessary.

cfxCloud Powered by AWS

SaaS offering AWS Marketplace

  • EC2, EKS, S3, Lambda
  • Consumption + Contract
  • APN Enabled

Learn how we help solve some major challenges faced by AWS users

AWS EC2 VM Change Detection

Most outages are caused by changes. Being able to detect changes is an important IT operations activity. Our flagship RDAF platform detects changes in AWS EC2 instance state. This is achieved by taking baseline (can be done daily, weekly or monthly) current state and comparing it against baseline to identify any changes. For example, this can detect Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute/EC2 VMs that have a different state now (powered on or off)

Compile a list of 24hrs cloud costs from multiple regions and send a report via Email, Slack, MS Teams, and more

Get a handle on cloud costs with custom cloud costs to report for desired regions and/or services and deliver the report via email, Slack, and Microsoft Teams which benefits the AWS users by providing upto 100% cloud costs visibility

Real-time monitoring observability of a cloud application

Easily and securely perform observability data collection and/or sharing among hybrid multi-cloud environments such as Amazon Web Services(AWS), Azure, etc to enable a single pane of glass unified observability implementation which provides IT Operational professionals 100% Observability of their cloud applications

AWS Use Case Examples

Operational Analytics

AWS On boarding, Data Routing and Migration
  • Log data archival/replay to/from S3 – Any source to any sink routing
  • On premise / Legacy Timeseries metrics enriching and posting to CloudWatch
Data Ingestion
  • Stream real-time observability to Kinesis - which delivers to S3
  • VPC flow logs ingestion & correlation analysis for Dependency Mapping/Relationships
  • Enriched and contextualized observability data to AWS OpenSearch with Kibana visualization
  • Hosted webhook gateway to deliver events to SQS
  • Event gateway as hosted unified data collector and forwarder to multi-protocol stream logs/events
  • Log Intelligence
  • CIS Benchmark compliance insights (security/compliance)
Asset Discovery
  • AWS Dependency Mapping cfxCloud service

Sample Data Management Ops you can do with Bots

Metadata/Data Shaping

Metadata Description, Data Filtering, Aggregation, Mapping

Data Security

Data Masking, Data Encryption, Data Decryption, Access control, Auditing

Data Integrity

Data Signing, Data Hashing, Data Checksum

Data Transformation

Data Deduplication, Implode, Explode, Transpose, Mapping, Binning, Pivot/UnPivot

Data Delivery

Files, Bulk/Batch data, Streaming data, Pub/Sub Topics, Bookmarking

Data Quality Enhancement

Data Dictionaries, Data Enrichment

REST API/Integrations

Generic REST client, API integrations, Named bots

Data Generation

Data Simulation, Synthetic Data for Test/Dev, What-If Analysis

Data Formatting

Data conversion, Data Formatting, Data Templating

Data Governance

Data Lineage, Data Tracing, Pipeline tracing, Data Version Control

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