Unifying IT with Outcome-Aware AIOps - Webinar

Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, EMA

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Insights on AIOps trends, expectations and challenges

Rich Lane, Senior Analyst, Forrester

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Outcomes Driven AIOps for IT Operations & IT Planning

AI for IT Ops, ITSM and IT Planning

Take your IT to whole new level by building new data-driven capabilities and cross-leveraging
intelligence across ITOps, ITSM and IT planning, with help of Advanced Analytics, AI and Machine Learning.
Get more out of your existing tools and IT environment. Collect, Ingest and Integrate with
Any Tool, Any Data Source, Any Environment.

Alert Noise

Work on alerts that
matter most, take action
without the noise

Incident Response

Diagnose and Resolve
Incidents Faster Than Ever


Predict IT Problems,
Act Before Impact!

Asset Intelligence & Analytics

360-degree visbility, lifecycle insights, optimize IT spend & manage risks

Alert Noise Reduction

A Digital Gatekeeper for All your IT Alerts & Events

Ingest logs, events and traces from any monitoring tool (APM, ITIM, Cloud, Log etc.) to perform high-scale event correlation from multiple data sources to reduce alert noise and bring actionability to incidents.

Automated Incident Response

Diagnose and Resolve Incidents Faster with Incident Room

Triage, diagnose and resolve incidents swiftly by automatically resolving and extrapolating key impacted services, retrieving relevant metrics & logs and highlighting anomalies, knowledge mining from vendor portals, gleaning insights from ML generated similar incidents, automating diagnosis/resolution with tools and workflows.

Proactive Monitoring

Predict IT Problems. Act Before Impact!

Proactively watch critical IT services or stacks to predict or prevent IT failures, by continously observing leading indicators, anomalies, correlated behaviors or user specified outcomes. Stacks or services are automatically learned by system, but can also be feteched from CMDB or manually defined by administrator.

Asset Intelligence & Analytics

Optimize IT Spend & Manage Compliance Risks With 360 Degree IT Asset Intelligence

Gain real-time 360-degree IT asset visibility, utilization and dependencies, along with key insights about upcoming lifecycle events (like end of sale/support/life), supportability risks due to missing or out-of-contract assets, identify non-compliant assets and measure/track enterprise specific plan of record or compliance policies.

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