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CloudFabrix Announces AI-driven Telco Service Assurance and Automation Solution With Multiple Tier1 Telco Wins

CloudFabrix builds market momentum with Telcos and MSPs and launches a GSI partner program

PLEASANTON, Calif.-- Sept 28, 2023 -- CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric Platform and the Data-centric AIOps Leader, today announced market momentum with its AI-driven Telco Service Assurance and Automation Solution and has launched a GSI Partner Program to build on its momentum. Telcos and MSPs leverage CloudFabrix Telco solution’s Data automation, AutoML, and service automation to consolidate data sources, derive insights, and drive automation.

The Communications and Managed Service Provider market is at an inflection point, where Data-First, AI-First, and Automate Everywhere strategies have become paramount, to scale and thrive. The growth with IoT Edge, 5G, and SD-WAN and the challenges with Service Assurance across distributed cloud and multi-cloud virtualized and containerized applications are enormous.

Large Telco environments are complex and multi-domain across Campus, Datacenter, Optical, Mobility, and 5G RAN. Delivering and simplifying network operations, where the ability to meet demanding SLAs for user experience and performance and uptime, differentiates the leaders from the laggards. The key to success is to converge these domains around data and provide visibility and AutoML-based workflow automation.

CloudFabrix’s AI-driven Telco Service Assurance and Automation Solution is gaining momentum with multiple Tier1 Telco wins in North America and the APAC region due to its differentiated capabilities. Telcos are finding these capabilities very appealing, compared to alternatives.

  • Data Automation - CloudFabrix’s RDAF - Robotic Data Automation Fabric consolidates, normalizes, and enriches disparate domains - IP Transport Core, Datacenter (Wired), Campus (Wireless), Cloud, Optical, Mobility, 5G/RAN etc., disparate protocols - MPLS, OSPF, BGP, CDP etc. and disparate data formats - SNMP Traps, Syslog, gNMI, OTel, bulkstats, YANG/Netconf etc. in an internal schemaless database, centralized Data Lake or Cisco's FSO Platform to meet user requirements.

  • AI/ML Automation and GenAI - CloudFabrix’s Composable Analytics, based on its Macaw GenAI Assistant for its AutoML architecture, automates the entire processes of selecting the best regression, correlation, and prediction models as composable bots, pipelines, and dashboards which can be run continuously, scheduled on events or on-demand to train, retrain and inference AI/ML models.

    AutoML automation is able to detect and predict service assurance issues at scale, across MELT data types, and across use cases for Alert Noise Reduction, Intelligent Alerting, Prediction and Forecasting, Reactive and Proactive Root cause analysis, Incident Management, and User Experience Improvement.

  • Visibility as a Service, Service Automation - CloudFabrix’s Composable Analytics aggregates all the MELT signals across SD-WAN, End User Experience, and Network monitoring into a Single Pane of Glass view with its persona-based Composable Dashboards.
Both reactive and proactive (Closed Loop) Remediation is achieved with bi-directional ServiceOps and ChatOps integration with ServiceNow, Slack, and collaboration and orchestration tools like Camunda and IBM Ansible for Fault Management, Performance Management, Operational and Asset Insights and Compliance and Governance use cases.

“Ensuring Service assurance for Telcos is a formidable challenge given the scale, Intricate complexity, and demand for reliability of these deployments. CloudFabrix leverages Robotic Data Automation Fabric to unify disparate data islands into one harnessing the power of AutoML and GenAI to provide actionable insights and serviceOps automation for closed-loop remediation,” articulated Raju Penmetsa, CTO of CloudFabrix.

The network Operations Director for one of the Tier1 Telcos using CloudFabrix in production emphasized: “CloudFabrix’s Telco solution empowers our NOC Operators, practitioners, and decision-makers to visualize the network-wide data with a true single pane of glass by using Low code BOTs and Generative AI technology. CloudFabrix’s RDAF abstracts the complexity of the seamless integration of tools in the backend and delivers a single source of truth, using Azure Data Lake. It further enables data ingestion from disparate data sources and delivers Operational Insights, Fault, and Performance Management with a Single Pane of glass and API Gateway.

“This synergy delivers an all-encompassing network visibility, performance, and user experience. The comprehensive visibility as a service reduces operational complexity and enables rapid adoption into customer deployments like retail stores and SD-WAN controllers. CloudFabrix’s solution enabled us to go from Proof of Concept(POC) to production in a mere six weeks’ time frame,” he further added.

Similar sentiments were echoed by another Tier1 Telco carrying 30% of all internet traffic and large Network Operators across APAC and India.

In continuation of this journey, CloudFabrix has launched a Global System Integrator partner initiative. To become a partner please visit

Supporting Quotes

Andy Thurai, VP & Principal Analyst, Constellation Research
“Telco market is at an inflection point and is feeling the pressure from hyperscalers. The key to winning in this market is to innovate with Data-First, AI-First, and Automate anywhere possible strategies. Newer players looking to sell into old-school telcos not only have to adopt their existing, sometimes legacy, technology base but also have to enable Telcos to optimize, differentiate, and even look at new business models.”

Venkat Raghava, IBM Consulting
“IBM Consulting has been involved with Telco practice for a number of years and has a rich product portfolio with IBM Telco Network Cloud Manager, Netcool, Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps, and other products. We found CloudFabrix’s innovation around Data Automation and their AutoML capabilities very complementary to our portfolio. Our partnership with CloudFabrix provides us another major capability to be competitive in this market, as seen with beachhead account engagements,” said Venkat Raghava, Partner, IBM Consulting.

Atul Babu, CEO, DhataTech
“CloudFabrix has become a premier partner for us when it comes to the Telco market. APAC market has many progressive and large Telco customers and with CloudFabrix’s innovative approach to Data, AI, and Automation, we are engaging with the majority of them to help them succeed in this experience economy. We are very bullish about this partnership,” said Atul Babu, CEO of DhataTech based out of Singapore.

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Shailesh Manjrekar, CMO, CloudFabrix