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CloudFabrix Announces the Availability of Composable Analytics, Dashboards and Pipelines to Accelerate AIOps and Observability Adoption

MSPs, Telcos and Enterprises can now leverage persona based dashboards, synthetic pipelines and recommendation engine to move towards an AIOps Operating Model

PLEASANTON, Calif., Sept. 20, 2022 -- Building on its release of the Robotic Data Automation Fabric Platform, CloudFabrix, the Data-centric AIOps Leader, today announced the availability of Composable Analytics, with persona based Dashboards and Workflows, Recommendation Engine and Observability and AIOps Synthesizer to enhance visibility, build trust and automate workflows.
Customers are looking for full stack visibility and cross domain correlation, as they are moving from static, dedicated data centers to dynamic, on-demand, ephemeral and multi-cloud datacenters. These edge, private or hybrid data centers are becoming increasingly complex, with the advent of 5G and IoT ,and a small change in one of the infrastructure, security, networking and application layers can cause a "butterfly effect". Pre-designed static dashboards and analytics fall short to empower these personas with required visibility and agility. This is putting enormous pressure on traditional operational models and is forcing the move towards new AIOPs Operating model.

The AIOps Operating model brings the visibility, agility and scale to handle these operations by empowering self-service personas with dynamic and interactive, Composable Dashboards. Domain specific dashboards enable actionable insights, without overwhelming them with all the data. This launch enables analytics and insights for a number of operational personas and diverse use cases:

  • Exec: Glean economic impact insights with business value dashboards across full-stack environments.
  • BizOps and ITOps: Glean 360 insights and monitor KPIs and their impact on business and IT functions and data sources.
  • FinOps: Optimize resource utilization and economic benefits for private and public clouds.
  • DevOps, DevSecOps and GitOps: Operationalize CI/CD pipelines and infrastructure-as-a-code deployments.
  • CloudOps: Operationalize hybrid cloud management across clouds
  • ServiceOps: Incident Remediation Workflows by adding context, prioritizing and routing based on NLP.

This launch further operationalizes the "AIOps Operating Model" with the following features/ benefits : Composable Analytics delivers Composable Dashboards, Composable Service workflows and Composable pipelines -

  • Composable Dashboards
    enable -
    • Observability real-time and historical data-types - MELT(Metrics, Events, Log, Traces), alerts, topology application dependency maps, incidents across disparate sources to be persisted in Observability Metastore and visualized.
    • Platform teams (AIOps, Observability, RDAF Admins) ensure centralized visibility into dashboards, policies and pipelines.
    • Exec and FinOps dashboards monitor 360 BusDevOps KPIs
    • Field configurable dashboards for any new personas or KPIs

  • Composable Services with Automation Workflows
    can be quickly instantiated and operationalized using end to end workflows
    • These services enrich, correlate and process streaming data using AI/ML and observability pipelines for discovery, correlation and actionable outcomes.
    • Self Service personas view their sandboxes and leverage automated workflows to ensure service health, KPI's and auto remediate incidents.

  • Composable pipelines
    • Deliver out of the box and the community ecosystem developed Bots and pipelines, across edge, datacenter and multi-cloud, leveraging Data Fabric. Bot Marketplace is growing with 1000+ Data and AI/ML bots for performing automated tasks.

Recommendation engine accelerates root cause analysis, by prioritizing alerts and incidents. It provides clear actions and suggestions, based on real-time and historical learnings from the Observability Metastore and by performing NLP analysis.

Observability and AIOps Synthesizer builds trust by simulating likely fault scenarios, e.g - delay in identity management, database issue or a Kafka messaging bus issue, and observes the behavior of the pipelines and engines – enrichment engine, event correlation engine, recommendation engine to derive the root cause and remediation workflows.

Learn more about Composable Analytics, Dashboards and Pipelines at our upcoming on-demand webinar The Secret to AIOps for Hybrid Multicloud: Composable Analytics on September 22nd 2022.

Supporting Quotes

"CloudFabrix's launch of composable analytics and persona based dashboards empower self-service personas, bringing alignment between Business, Dev and Ops functions, while enabling service assurance and 360 degree visibility. As cloud becomes an increasingly table stakes building block for our customers, we find CloudFabrix's AIOps platform providing great value for their operations" said Girish Chandangoudar, Vice President and Practice Head, Happiest Minds Technologies".

Raju Datla, CEO of CloudFabrix, further asserted, " Our launch of Composable Analytics and Dashboards is solely focused on the BusDevOps personas in mind and transforming their user experience and trust in AI Operations. This launch seamlessly integrates AIOps workflows in your operating model and builds trust in Data Automation and Observability pipelines, by simulating synthetic errors before launching in production".

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CloudFabrix is the leading Data-centric AIOps Platform vendor and the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF). RDAF delivers integrated, enriched and actionable data pipelines to operational and analytical systems. RDAF unifies Observability, AIOps and Automation for Operational Systems and enriches analytical systems. CloudFabrix empowers Business and IT leaders with AI-powered actionable intelligence to make faster and better decisions and accelerate IT planning and Autonomous operations. For more information, visit

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