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CloudFabrix Announces Observability Data Modernization Service to Map Non-OTel Signals to OTel Signals for Observability Data Clouds and Data Lakes

CloudFabrix's Robotic Data Automation Platform unifies OpenTelemetry(OTel) signals and non-OpenTelemetry signals across Observability, Security, and Networking domains

PLEASANTON, Calif., Apr 11, 2023 -- CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) and the "Data-centric AIOps" leader today announced the availability of its Observability Data Modernization Service for its RDA platform. This service transforms, enriches, and maps Non-OTel signals to OTel signals which can be used by CloudFabix AIOPs as well as any other OTel-compliant backend platforms. This enables several operational domains' MELT signals to be ingested with full-stack service maps, enrichment, and Telemetry. CloudFabrix AIOps and other 3rd party OTel backends can now query, contextualize, correlate, and use AI/ML for RCA and remediation.
As they say "OpenTelemetry is eating the world" and has become the gold standard for Observability, in this "Experience Economy". OpenTelemetry (OTel) is a set of APIs, SDKs, and tools to instrument, generate, collect, and export telemetry data (signals). It is an Open Source project under Cloud Native Computing Framework (CNCF) and is the 2nd most active project after Kubernetes, with growing adoption. OTel furthers CloudFabrix's vision around Robotic Data Automation Fabric, where Data quality, Data automation, and Data correlation are paramount for visibility, insights, and action.

However, there are still applications and libraries which do not use OTel standards and use vendor-specific agents for data collection. This will not change overnight. CloudFabrix's Open Telemetry support takes this into consideration and supports workflows that present the customer with a Roadmap to OTEL adoption.
Observability Data Modernization Service
Observability Data Modernization Service

Robotic Data Automation Platform
Robotic Data Automation Platform
  • ODM Service for any OTel backends - Applications and libraries not supporting OTEL can leverage RDAF Bots which transform and ingest OTel-compliant signals into an OTel collector. These signals can then be exported to any OTEL backends.
    • Topology information needed for service maps is ingested using metadata, which can be leveraged by any OTel backend for visibility, insights, and actions for these non-OTel deployments.
  • ODM service for CloudFabrix Data-centric AIOps backend – Standards-based OpenTelemetry collector ingests cross-domain MELT signals into Robotic Data Automation Fabric at the Edge, across Hybrid and Multi-cloud deployments, using generic exporters. Data-centric AIOps platform then runs Composable pipelines, in-place search, services, and Dashboards.
    • OTel attributes are leveraged by RDAF to build cross-domain context with Application Dependency and Impact maps.
    • Out of box services - AIOps, FinOps, Log Intelligence and custom-built services use this context to provide insights and actions
    • ODM Service will also support both of these workflows simultaneously.

With this support, end customers can now adopt a roadmap for OTel adoption. Existing applications with instrumentation can now ingest non-OTel signals, into OTel backends as well as for Cloudfabrix AIOps. Strategic partners benefit from this roadmap, as the platform can support any of the OTel backends.

"Open Telemetry support furthers our vision of Data-centric AIOps, converging operational domains - Observability, Security and Networking around data. Our Robotic Data Automation Fabric complements OTel and enables eco-system partner backends and customers on a path to OTel adoption," said Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, Chief Product Officer at CloudFabrix.

This solution will also be on display at Kubecon 2023 - Amsterdam.

Supporting Quotes

Ron Williams, Principal Analyst, Gigaom
"CloudFabrix's Bot-based Observability Data Modernization Service is a significant development for the Open Telemetry ecosystem. Any Observability provider can now consume non-OTel data using this service to deploy in hybrid environments that are not OTel compliant and still deliver all the OTel benefits. This enables a path for end users and OTel providers for phased OTel adoption. We will be watching this development as it matures," said Ron Williams, Principal Analyst at Gigaom.

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