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CloudFabrix's RDAF and AIOps conference highlights the need for unifying Observability, AIOps and Intelligent Data Automation

30+ Industry luminaries and thought leaders share their vision around Autonomous Enterprise journey, in recently concluded Robotic Data Automation Fabric conference(RDAF)

PLEASANTON, Calif., May 11, 2022 -- CloudFabrix™, the leader in Robotic Data Automation driven AIOps, along with Global Big Data Conference concluded Industry's 1st RDAF and AIOps conference, across eight engaging panel sessions. The thought leadership conference was focused on defining what it means to be an Autonomous Enterprise, the different levels of autonomy, the data challenges and how enterprises can build a roadmap to embark on this journey.
Thought leaders from leading Strategic Alliance partners Cisco Appdynamics, IBM Consulting, Google and MinIO and enterprises like Adobe, SAP, Truveta, Microsoft, ServiceNow and analysts from Windward Consulting, TheFieldCTO participated in the conference. They shared their vision around Autonomous Enterprise, the Data Value Gap and how RDAF and AIOps can provide meaningful solutions to these challenges.

To summarize the Autonomous Enterprise journey begins with Data-First, AI-First and Automate everywhere strategy. CxO's are increasingly looking at reducing risk by predicting and preventing downtime and security breaches, improving productivity with lights out operations and Mean time to Resolution (MTTR). They are leveraging AI and No Code /Low Code platforms to improve Mean Time to Insights (MTTI) and observability into customer experiences. However, Data Value Gap is a big inhibitor in achieving this. Data deluge from distributed applications, multi-cloud platforms and edge computing further exacerbates this problem.

RDAF powered AIOps builds data supply chains, where data is observed in real-time, contextualized with metadata, routed to the right destination with AIOps observability pipelines and remediated as incidents, notifications, runbook automation or customizable dashboards.

RDAF brings self-service automation capabilities by unifying Observability, AIOps and Automation with a low-code Data and ML Bots approach. It can reduce the dependencies on costly developer and data scientist resources to reduce the time to implement use cases, with an 800+ Bots Marketplace. CloudFabrix's customers have cut down AIOps POCs and production implementation times to just days and weeks, instead of months, realizing a 4x faster ROI. Interested customers, partners or IT professionals should try out the free cloud hosted SaaS version here or attend industry's 1st Hackathon around Robotic Data Automation, in participation with Cisco DEVNET

Supporting Quotes

Gregg Ostrowski, Executive CTO, Cisco AppDynamics

"As application landscape is becoming increasingly complex with multi-cloud and hybrid environments, the enterprise maturity model needs to evolve from chaotic to reactive to proactive and predictive levels. Data is at the heart of this transition and Robotic Data Automation Fabric is paramount for this transformation. Cisco along with its portfolio of Appdynamics, Thousand Eyes and Intersight and along with top tier partners like CloudFabrix is well positioned to meet these challenges."

Meenakshi Srinivasan, Partner, IBM Consulting

"IT is no longer a supporting function; IT is at the center stage of the digital ecosystem and is increasingly driving business value. The client's solution stack is becoming extremely complex with On-Prem, Hybrid, IaaS, PaaS and SaaS deployment models and AIOps is paramount to move to an Intelligent AI driven IT solution. IBM has comprehensive AIOps framework to discover, observe, analyze, prescribe using an open technology stack. We boast a wide ecosystem of partner solution including CloudFabrix and remediation and visualization solutions using IBM Technology such as Instana and Turbonomics."

Jonathan Symonds, Chief Marketing Officer, MinIO

"Log Intelligence is considered the 'Digital Heartbeat' of an Autonomous Enterprise. However, with the modern, distributed edge to core web applications, the amount of data generated quickly becomes overwhelming for enterprises. This in turn impacts the actionability of that data. Together, MinIO and CloudFabrix's Log Intelligence solution offers a SEIM preprocessor which can enrich and correlate logs, significantly reducing TCO, improving MTTR and providing compliance with PII masking - all while keeping timestamped full fidelity copies which can be replayed on-demand."

Marco Spoel, Executive, T-Systems

"Building trust with AIOps starts with the data. We are a service delivery partner for regulated industries like Healthcare, Manufacturing and Automotive and public sector and the trust with predictions is absolutely paramount. Robotic Data Automation Fabric delivers the data supply chain to build this trust. Also, with AIOps becoming a buzzword for several vendors, it is important to measure KPI's for noise reduction, proactive automation for 'ZeroOps' and reducing TCO. It is equally important to work with existing ITSM tools and enable 'BYOL - Bring your own log tool,' when dealing with distributed environments at scale. CloudFabrix can move your company forward toward ZeroOps, giving you a foundation for hyper-automated Incident avoidance that works in the existing tools environment, providing unique value to Business and IT."

Girish Chandangoudar, Vice President, Happiest Minds

"As our customers are going through their Digital transformation, several of the applications are getting redesigned to be cloud native with IaaS, PaaS, serverless as their hybrid underlying platforms. They are thus losing the visibility they had with their monolithic static application stacks, not to mention the deluge of data. This is driving the need for AIOps and why we have decided to partner with CloudFabrix. Additionally building trust in AIOps boils down to defining KPI's and measuring the success against these KPI's whether they be improving MTTR (Mean Time to Resolution), Incident management, improving productivity and this begins with the data quality at hand."

Shailesh Manjrekar, Vice President AI and SaaS Marketing, CloudFabrix

AI has certainly become the hallmark of Digital Transformation, however there are 3 inhibitors – Data quality, operationalizing the pipelines for quick experimentation and consolidating data silos. CloudFabrix's RDAF platform is architected to mitigate these challenges with Data automation, No code/low code Databots and Data Fabric and applying them to Observability, AIOps and Automation. It was very encouraging to see our partners and customers agree on the inhibitors, the RDAF vision and execution with cfxCloud. We strongly believe RDAF as market category enables enterprises to embark on their Autonomous Enterprise journey, unifying Observability, AIOps and Automation.

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