CloudFabrix Showcasing at CiscoLive 2023

Las Vegas | June 4-8, 2023

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Composable Analytics for Unifying Observability, AIOps & Automation

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Business solutions created on Cisco FSO Platform with Partners - BRKAPP-2007

Thursday, Jun 8 | 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM PDT
Ben Haddox, Global FSO Architect, AppDynamics - Distinguished Speaker
Raju Penmetsa, CTO, CloudFabrix
Laura Vetter, CTO & Co-Founder, EVOLUTIO

In today’s digital experience, Business Outcomes are more important than ever. Full-Stack Observability from Cisco helps bridge the gap between Tech and Business. In this session you will learn how FSO can help support, accelerate and drive business outcomes. It’s time to move your IT environment from a money pit to a revenue driver. You will hear from our partners Evolutio and CloudFabrix who have created modules on Cisco FSO platform that enhances your observability capabilities and gets you closer to business outcomes.

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Anatomy of Cisco FSO Solution – How to Develop Real Life Observability Solution using Cisco FSO Platform - DEVLIT-2533

Thursday, Jun 8 | 11:00 AM - 11:20 AM PDT
Subarno Mukherjee, Manager - Systems Engineering, Cisco Systems, Inc.
Shailesh Manjrekar, Vice President, AI and Marketing, CloudFabrix

Overall, developing a real-life observability solution using Cisco FSO platform will require careful planning, attention to detail, and a deep understanding of the specific use case and the components of the system. It may also require collaboration with other experts in fields such as data analysis and infrastructure management.

To develop a real-life observability solution using Cisco FSO platform, you can follow these general steps:

  1. Identify the use case: Determine the problem or challenge that you want to address using the Cisco FSO platform.
  2. Design the system architecture: Based on the use case, design the system architecture that will incorporate the Cisco FSO platform.
  3. Deploy the solution: Deploy the solution in the field, ensuring that all components are installed correctly and configured to collect the necessary data.
  4. Monitor and analyze the data: Use the data collected by the FSO platform to monitor the health and performance of the system.
  5. Take action based on the insights: Once you have analyzed the data, take action based on the insights gained from the FSO platform.

We are excited to present how our partner CloudFabrix has gone through this lifecycle and created innovative solution leveraging Cisco FSO platform and AppDynamics Cloud to provide visibility into microservices deployed on hybrid platform.

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