CloudFabrix Showcasing at Cisco Booth

April 22 - 26, 2024 | Hannover, Germany

Hall 15, Stand F18

Observability 360 for Industry 4.0

Manufacturing-X is an Initiative to digitize supply chains in the industry

  • The stakeholders of Platform Industry 4.0 have a major goal: to implement the DataSpace Industry 4.0 and the transformation to a digitally networked industry across the board. Businesses, politics and academia have started the joint initiative Manufacturing-X.
  • Companies will be able to autonomously and jointly use data across the entire production and supply chain.
  • This makes digital innovations possible for more resilience, sustainability and competitiveness.
  • Observability is the ability to collect data from the IT,OT and IoT assets on a manufacturing assembly floor and ask questions to glean insights into the Unknown Unknown scenarios for digital resilience and analytics.

What you will learn in this session

Observability solution for Manufacturing-X and IT-OT Convergence

  • Learn about the CloudFabrix Manufacturing-X solution powered by Cisco Observability platform
  • CloudFabrix Manufacturing-X solutions provides SD-Acces IoT solution for Edge Cloud IT-OT Convergence for Manufacturing and Automation verticals
  • One of the key enablers of this initiative is to consolidate all the data from IT and OT Assets and resources in a central data platform.
  • Cisco’s Observability Platform is the most innovative platform today in the industry to consolidate telemetry data.
  • This data integration, data normalization and enrichment is achieved by CloudFabrix’s Observability pipelines and its Manufacturing-X solution.
  • The CloudFabrix solution then enables different insights from this telemetry data and visualizes with the Cisco Observability Platform - e.g how infrastructure components would affect the working of cells, assembly floors and supply chains

Why Cisco for manufacturing?

From supply chain and advanced manufacturing operations to industrial security and workforce enablement solutions, Cisco's manufacturing portfolio unites your operational technology and IT teams to build a secure, sustainable infrastructure foundation.

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We're combining the full power of the network with market-leading security and observability solutions so you can deliver secure, seamless customer and employee experiences. Join us at HANNOVER MESSE to experience Cisco and Splunk through interactive demos, theater sessions, and a celebratory happy hour.

CloudFabrix Modules on Cisco Observability Platform

The solution is built on modern architecture principles, ensuring seamless scalability and adaptability to meet evolving infrastructure needs. It supports a wide range of deployment models, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

CloudFabrix Solutions Modules

Presentations & Demos by CloudFabrix

Powered by Cisco Observability Platform for Cloud Native and Enterprise Hybrid Workloads

Shailesh Manjrekar

Chief Marketing Officer at CloudFabrix

  • Asset Intelligence, Operational Intelligence and Insights across Manufacturing Assembly, Shop Floors and Body Shop with cells
  • Full-Stack Observability of IT assets & workloads running in selected manufacturing site. This includes ingesting telemetry from vPLC infrastructure, DNACs, CAT9600/9500 and IE3400
  • Correlation between compute and networking entities. Visibility into vPLC infrastructure and correlate VM performance to cells
  • Monitor endpoints deployed in cells and assemblies