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CloudFabrix Announces the Availability of "Macaw - The Generative AI Assistant" and Edge Enhancements with its Low Code RDAF Platform Release

CloudFabrix's "Macaw" uses Conversational queries and Generative AI to understand the context for customers' datasets to accelerate Observability and AIOps adoption

PLEASANTON, Calif., June 5, 2023 -- CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) and the "Data-centric AIOps" leader today announced the availability of its "Macaw", Generative AI assistant and Edge enhancements for Telcos, MSP's and Enterprises.

Operational domains are converging around data and operational personas are having a hard time deriving actionable insights from this data deluge. Observability and AIOps require asking ad-hoc and forward-looking questions about your operational data and connecting the business and IT context.
Macaw and RDAF are a perfect match!
The "Macaw" Generative AI Assistant leverages natural language Conversational queries and uniquely identifies the prompt context leveraging the Low code Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF) platform. It then uses Azure's OpenAI LLM (large language model) service and CloudFabrix's LLM, for semantic search on local knowledge corpus to glean insights and investigate data, compose and explain pipelines, and compose dashboards and service tickets. "Macaw" ensures privacy and governance over local data and data transfer between LLMs with user-defined policies. "Macaw" breaks down operational silos around data and democratizes Observability and AIOps. Initially, Macaw will be used for upskilling and reskilling of operational personas and eventually for AIOps insights.

With 5G and Edge use cases proliferating, this RDAF platform release also includes RDAF Edge, packaged in a single VM to run on edge endpoints. RDAF Edge ingests actionable data with real-time topology enrichment, to a central data platform or data lake. RDA Edge also enables Observability Data Modernization Service where Non-OTel data is transformed into OTel data for ingestion into any OpenTelemetry-based Observability backend cloud.
Observability Data Modernization Service
Macaw - The Generative AI Assistant

Robotic Data Automation Platform
Robotic Data Automation Fabric Platform

Composable Dashboards for Telco
Telcos need the ability to ingest multiple data types - syslogs, SNMP traps, gNMI, Bulkstats, OpenTelemetry across domains - Campus, Datacenter, Cloud, Mobility / 5G, Optical, etc. across devices, controllers, Physical(PNF's), virtual(VNF's) and cloud-native (CNF's) network functions. Telco Service Assurance needs a single pane of glass to visualize aggregated data across these disparate sources with persona-based composable dashboards.

Field customizable and Extensible Bot based architecture
RDAF's Bot-based streaming architecture builds on top of microservices and event-driven Function-as-a-service (FaaS) with the added advantage of pre-built code for composability, field customization, and extensibility. This lends itself very well to multiple data-centric use cases. "This is a very transformative release, converging Generative AI for efficiency and RDAF low code platform for accelerated development," said Shailesh Manjrekar, Vice President of AI and SaaS Marketing. "Generative AI is transforming the industry, but it is important to integrate it into the core product, understand the prompt context, and train on private data, which is uniquely done by CloudFabrix's Macaw. This is going to fuel innovation for operational personas," he added.

This solution will also be on display at Cisco Live Las Vegas - June 4th-8th booth #732 and Devnet booths

Supporting Quotes

Ron Williams, Principal Analyst, Gigaom
"CloudFabrix has demonstrated outperforming leadership in our 2023 Gigaom Radar report (to be published on 9th June 23). Their Generative AI Assistant is an innovative implementation using Open AI's Large Language Model, but also a local LLM, which generates the context for Azure OpenAI Service. The Assistant furthers their vision around Low Code / No Code pipelines for services like Observability Data Modernization, Composable Dashboards, and Edge services. We will be watching this development as it matures," said Ron Williams, Principal Analyst at Gigaom

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