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CloudFabrix Was Named a Leader and Innovator in the 2022 Gigaom Radar for Artificial Intelligence for Operations (AIOPs)

MSPs, Edge Providers, and Large Enterprises will find CloudFabrix's domain-agnostic, distributed, Robotic Data Automation fabric-based AIOps model appealing

PLEASANTON, Calif., Oct. 13, 2022 -- CloudFabrix the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric Platform and the Data-centric AIOps Leader, was named a Leader and Innovator in the 2022 Gigaom Radar for AIOps report for a 2nd consecutive year. The report evaluated 24 major AIOps vendors across Key criteria and evaluation metrics that should be applied when selecting an AIOps solution. The report segregates the 24 vendors across Leaders, Challengers, and New Entrants. CloudFabrix was identified as a Leader, Fast Mover, and Innovator that provides a complete AIOps solution, with a unique Robotic Data Automation Fabric and Distributed AIOps model, including for AIOps at the edge.
According to the report, "This year proved to be one of explosive growth in AIOps tooling and solutions. In some cases, AIOps functionality was achieved by bolting an artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) engine to existing software, via acquisition or internal development, and marketing it as an AIOps solution. Other vendors built entire platforms around homegrown or acquired AI/ML, jumping into a crowded arena competing with pure AI/ML solutions and platform tools." CloudFabrix's platform is homegrown, built with microservices, is cloud native and can run entirely in the cloud, in a hybrid deployment, or on-premises.

This year's report points out one key differentiation, among the 24 surveyed vendors dividing them into domain-agnostic and platform solutions and what it means for end users. The domain-agnostic solutions can be added to any environment with minimal interruption to the business, while platforms may require the displacement of several existing monitoring solutions.

CloudFabrix scored high ranks across the 3 categories, as identified by the report -

  • CloudFabrix is among 6 of the 24 vendors identified as Leaders and Fast Movers
    • CloudFabrix's Data-centric AIOps solution is in the domain-agnostic category and integrates well with existing solutions, a business may have
  • CloudFabrix is among 4 of the 24 vendors identified as Innovation players
    • Each provides a complete AIOps solution with unique capabilities. CloudFabrix, with its Robotic Data Automation Fabric, provides a distributed AIOps model that's unique
  • CloudFabrix is among 3 of the 24 vendors identified as AIOps for Edge vendors
    • In the area of emerging technologies, IoT and other edge technologies may require some consideration. A few vendors have explored AIOps for the edge and made strides

The report identifies CloudFabrix's key capabilities -

  • Ease of Deployment - CloudFabrix unifies observability, AIOps, and automation within a single SaaS cloud platform (cfxCloud) built on AWS. The platform is also available in AWS Marketplace.
  • Composable Services - RDAF powers multiple services deployed on top of the AIOps platform, including Log Intelligence, Asset Intelligence, and Service Intelligence.
  • Continuous ML - Unsupervised and supervised learning are both provided, along with topology detection with data models. Supervised learning is used in the Incident Room to detect possible root causes.
  • Broad data integration support RDAF is used to integrate data with new sources. In terms of IT operations management (ITOM) and SIEM, log data can be ingested from Splunk and Elasticsearch, and many more.
  • Log Intelligence - New this year is its Log Intelligence service.
  • Data Fabric for Edge AI /IoT - The low-latency distributed data fabric allows cfxCloud to ingest, integrate, transform, and load data from or to any system.
  • Low Code / No Code - users can interact with and operationalize it using a set of more than 800 existing bots and create others via a self-service pipeline.
  • Service Management - Support is also provided for datastores and data lakes, IT service management (ITSM), configuration management database (CMDB), the collaboration platforms Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Twilio; and Terraform, Ansible, and Chef for automation.

Supporting Quotes

"CloudFabrix continues to impress us with its innovation and its ability. They have shown a pulse on the AIOps market and a quest to constantly improvise in the areas where they were at a disadvantage, across the 2 years we have evaluated them. We are hopeful they continue on this path as Digital Transformation and AIOps are becoming mainstream for enterprises," said Ron Williams, Principal Analyst, Gigaom.

Shailesh Manjrekar, Vice President of AI and Marketing, CloudFabrix said, "We are delighted and honored to be recognized as a leader by Gigaom for 2 consecutive years. This endorses us as a "Fast Mover," demonstrated by our recent launch of "Persona-based Composable Analytics for AIOps." He further asserted, "Our success and scalability are demonstrated by our recent wins with large global MSPs and Enterprises. We continue to strive to delight our customers and make their autonomous enterprise journey, a reality by democratizing Data-First, AI-First, and Automation everywhere strategies."

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CloudFabrix is the leading Data-centric AIOps Platform vendor and the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF). RDAF delivers integrated, enriched and actionable data pipelines to operational and analytical systems. RDAF unifies Observability, AIOps and Automation for Operational Systems and enriches analytical systems. CloudFabrix empowers Business and IT leaders with AI-powered actionable intelligence to make faster and better decisions and accelerate IT planning and Autonomous operations. For more information, visit

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