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AIOps & Observability Market Trends and Insights

Join Ron Williams, Principal Analyst at GigaOm, and Shailesh Manjrekar, Chief Marketing Officer at CloudFabrix, as they explain "why CloudFabrix is one of the only two Outperformers for Gigaom Radar?"

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Webinar Abstract

Artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) encompasses the technologies that automate, identify, and resolve IT issues. Additionally, it can predict and automatically resolve concerns before they become problems.

The infrastructure, services, and applications in an enterprise produce different types of data, including metrics, performance data, and log data. As a key component in the development of operational and organizational awareness, AIOps combines data and information from across the enterprise to improve root cause analysis, prediction, and automatic response, reducing time to resolution (MTTR) and producing better enterprise-level outcomes. Moreover, the integration of business intelligence (BI) data enables AIOps to answer questions about the state.

By providing a link between IT operations and business operations, an AIOps solution helps answer questions about the state of the entire organization.

In this webinar learn about

  • Market Categories and Deployment Models
  • How you can build Operational awareness, Organizational awareness and Business awareness with AIOps?
  • Key evaluation criteria for Gigaom Radar
  • Why CloudFabrix is an outperformer in the Radar - an analyst’s take?
  • CloudFabrix Macaw - Industry’s only GenAI low code assistant for AIOps and Observability
Ron Williams GigaOm
Ron Williams
Principal Analyst at GigaOm

Ron Williams

Ron Williams is an astute technology leader with more than 30 years’ experience providing innovative solutions for high-growth organizations. He is a highly analytical and accomplished professional who has directed the design and implementation of solutions across diverse sectors. Ron has a proven history of excellence propelling organizational success by establishing and executing strategic initiatives that optimize performance. He has demonstrated expertise in planning and implementing solutions for enterprises and business applications, developing key architectural components, performing risk analysis, and leading all phases of projects from initialization to completion.

Shailesh Manjrekar
Chief Marketing Officer

Shailesh Manjrekar

Shailesh Manjrekar, Chief Marketing Officer is responsible for CloudFabrix's AI and SaaS Product thought leadership, Marketing, and Go To Market strategy for Data Observability and AIOps market. Shailesh Manjrekar is a seasoned IT professional who has over two decades of experience in building and managing emerging global businesses. He brings an established background in providing effective product and solutions marketing, product management, and strategic alliances spanning AI and Deep Learning, FinTech, Lifesciences SaaS solutions.

Darrel A. Kent
Field CTO, Gigaom

Darrel A. Kent

Darrel A. Kent, Field CTO at Gigaom, an industry veteran since 1972, Darrel recently joined GigaOm in 2023 as Field CTO and Lead Analyst. During his time in the industry he has accumulated broad experience across a wide spectrum in Information Technology processes, products, and services. He has direct experience in the telecommunications, manufacturing, and engineering industries, and has advised public and private companies globally across all industries in the acquisition and application of information technology, infrastructure, and data analytics.