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The Secret to AIOps for Hybrid Multicloud:
Composable Analytics

Join Jason Bloomberg, President of Industry Analyst Firm Intellyx, and Shailesh Manjrekar, Vice President of AI & SaaS Marketing at CloudFabrix, as they explain the need for a new AIOps operating model that leverages composable dashboards, services and analytics.

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Webinar Abstract

Today’s enterprise cloud strategies are mix-and-match: multiple public clouds, public and private clouds, public cloud and on-premises, hosted data centers, or perhaps any of the above mixed with edge data centers of various sorts. The possible combinations are unlimited.

In order to keep track of and manage all of this complexity, organizations are looking for full stack visibility and cross domain correlation. In addition, they must deal with the fact that these data centers are increasingly complex, and a small change in the infrastructure, security, networking and application layers can cause a “butterfly effect". of unintended consequences.

Jason will lay out the hybrid multicloud landscape, especially with the advent of 5G and edge data centers. He will then discuss the management challenges facing organizations as they increasingly adopt this new model, including the requirement for composable analytics that establish an observability baseline across hybrid multicloud environments.

Next, Shailesh will explain the need for a new AIOPs Operating model. The new model empowers self-service personas - BizOps, DevOps, ServiceOps for application and services development, deployment, provisioning and remediation whereas platform teams ensure centralized shared services and AIOps policy, administration and FinOps.

Attendees of this webinar will:
  • Gain a clear understanding of multicloud, hybrid IT, and hybrid multicloud, and how edge computing impacts all of them
  • Learn about the new AIOps operating model that is essential for managing the modern IT landscape
  • Understand how composable analytics is part of the AIOps operating model, catering to these personas and provides out of the box dashboards for the exact view of the operational environment as well as centralized AIOps policy and administration views.


Jason Bloomberg
President of Industry Analyst Firm Intellyx
Shailesh Manjrekar
Vice President AI & Marketing at CloudFabrix, Forbes Technology Council Member