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Data-centric AIOps is the next frontier in Full-Stack Observability and the key to optimizing multi-cloud deployments

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CloudFabrix is an important partner when it comes to Cisco’s FSO Platform. CloudFabrix brings expertise around data and intelligent automation, and built an FSO solution that converges siloed operational domains - such as public cloud infrastructure and on-premises vSphere environments - through OpenTelemetry ingestion and transformation

Carlos Pereira, Fellow and Chief, Cisco

Key Highlights

CloudFabrix solution consists of three key modules that address various aspects of observability modernization services implementation and FSO Exchange ecosystem support

RDA Edge

  • Purpose built module for Open observability implementations
  • Primary responsibility is to integrate with local data sources and discover/collect and ingest data to upstream platforms or services.
  • Packaged with extensions, bots and pipelines to integrate with monitoring and observability sources and convert/enrich to Otel format
  • Supports many data ingestion types including: Alerts, SNMP traps, syslogs, incidents, gNMI, Bulkstats, gRPC etc.
  • Can be deployed in DC/Cloud/VPC etc.

Data Modernization Service

  • Purpose built observability service to convert traditional MELT data sources to Open telemetry format
  • Contextualize the data with dependency mapping within the domain
  • Cross-domain linkage to provide enhanced observability experience (ex: Linkage Between APM and Infrastructure domain, and K8S to Infrastructure domain)
  • Native integration with Cisco FSO Platform (extensible to other observability datalakes…)

Cisco FSO Platform Exchange Apps/Modules

  • Readily usable modules/apps that can be subscribed and utilized by any Cisco FSO Platform customer.
  • Data ingested by CloudFabrix modules can be consumed by other apps of the FSO Platform exchange ecosystem
  • CloudFabrix is Design partner for Cisco FSO Platform and provides vSphere Observability, AIOps and other apps that can be readily used by FSO Platform customers.

CloudFabrix’s Data-centric AIOps platform delivers Persona based, Unified & Composable Analytics services for Cisco FSO

The solution is built on modern architecture principles, ensuring seamless scalability and adaptability to meet evolving infrastructure needs. It supports a wide range of deployment models, including on-premises, cloud, and hybrid environments.

Cisco + CloudFabrix

Generative-AI and Low-Code/No-Code support

Composable Persona-based Dashboards

Cross Domain Topology discovery

Full-Stack Service Map

Root cause analysis with deep link and cross launch

Cross-Domain Event Correlation

CloudFabrix + Cisco FSO


Cisco FSO Platform CloudFabrix Extension Module