The AI market is projected to reach a $3 trillion mark by 2024, and machine learning, which is a big part of AI, is the key driver of that growth. Machine learning can augment human understanding in processing large and complex datasets that are typical in IT operations. With rapid advancements in AI/ML technologies, enterprise leaders are beginning to take big bets on AI.

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Conference Highlights

AIOps Thought Leadership Talk

Things Shaping AIOps Market - Analysts Talk

Enterprise Customer Success Stories

New Business Opportunities - MSP Perspective

AIOps Technical Sessions

Product Announcements and Demos
Day 1
AIOps Technology & Market Insights  
Track - 1
  1. Keynote by AIOps Analyst

    Will cover AIOps Trends, Challenges, Opportunities & State of Affairs

    By Bojan Simic, Founder DEJ
    Duration: 15 Mins

  2. AIOps Insights from Analysts & Industry Leaders

    Will share how AI is enabling Enterprise digital growth and IT operations

    Ganesh Harinath, VP of Engineering, 5G, Verizon
    Datta Junnarkar, CIO, Boeing
    Shailesh Manjrekar, Head of AI, Weka
    Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, EMA
    Rich Lane, Sr. Analyst, Forrester

    Duration: 30 Mins

Track - 2
  1. AIOps Challenges & Best Practices

    Overview of challenges faced in embracing AIOps and quick review of AIOps best practices that we learnt from global deployments

    Duration: 15 Mins
  2. Product Announcements
    • CloudFabrix AIOps Portfolio & Announcements
    • Observability-in-a-Box: Unified Observability based on Open Source & Open Telemetry
    • AIOps Radar: Get to root cause faster and accomplish Outcomes with this unique Radar View
    • CFX Data Exchange: Extensible data exchange framework to accelarate integrations and democratize data access
    • POC Express: AIOps Insights with your own data in matter of days
    Duration: 45 Mins
  3. Customer Success Stories

    Will share enterprise success stories from verticals such as finance, healthcare and MSP. Session covers how our customers were able to achieve higher IT operational efficiencies and manage more workloads with same resources, minimize outages, reduce tickets, cut costs and deliver continuous application outcomes with AIOps.

    Duration: 45 Mins

Day 2
Technical Sessions & Demos  
  1. Observability in a Box

    Will demonstrate how ITOps personnel can download Observability-in-a-Box and start monitoring applications health & outcomes in matter of minutes

    Key topics include
    • Architecture overview & Key components
    • Metrics, Logs and Traces end-to-end walk-thru for a sample 2-tier/3-tier application
    • Use case variations
    • Getting started
    • Resources
    Duration: 45 Mins

  2. CloudFabrix Open Data Exchange Framework

    Technical overview session covering architecture, key components and getting started with cfxdx (Data Exchange). Will cover few key integrations, and walk-thru of how easy it is to create new data integrations with cfxdx SDK.

    Key topics include
    • Architecture
    • Data Exploratory Analysis
    • Data Pipelines
    • Walk-Thru of example integrations
      • OpenAI/GPT-3
      • Splunk
      • ServiceNow
      • Azure
    • Walk-thru/Reference for new plugin/integration development
    • Getting started
    • Resources
    Duration: 45 Mins

  3. Applied ML to Top IT Ops use cases

    Technical overview session on how to easily build and execute ML pipelines for popular ITOps use cases

    Key topics include
    • Why ML for ITOps
    • Quick Recap of Key ML Types
    • ML Stacks Used
    • ML Pipelines Overview
    • Key Use Cases - Walk Thru
      • Incident classification and enrichment (with OpenAI/GPT-3)
      • Finding symptoms using alert clustering
      • Problem prediction using aggregate alerts/logs
      • Establishing baseline and identifying anomalies to spot problems
      • Identifying correlated time series metrics (for faster RCA)
      • More...
    Duration: 45 Mins

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