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CloudFabrix announces Platform release 2020.09 with enhanced ML and automation capabilities to accelerate AIOps deployments


CloudFabrix AIOps platform continues to bring innovation and value added differentiators helping enterprises achieve faster time to value and higher ROI with AIOps investments. CloudFabrix AIOps Platform cfxDimensions release 2020.09 is targeted at automating and accelerating AIOps deployments with data discovery, gap analysis, root cause analysis and predictive analytics. This release significantly helps improve time to value of AIOps solutions by greater than 50% and reduce ongoing support costs by over 75%.

CloudFabrix AIOps platform cfxDimensions 2020.09 release brings enhanced capabilities in the following 5 key areas
1. Data Preparation & Onboarding with data discovery & analysis:
Automate data footprint analysis, mappings and enrichment process
Quality and completeness of data is critical for AIOps success. It uses advanced algorithms to quickly analyse the data from CMDB, Monitoring and other operational sources. This module serves as an accelerator for AIOps implementation by leveraging existing data sources or by applying native asset discovery and intelligence capabilities.

  • Auto discovery of all key identities and their relationships across data sources
  • Discovery of full stack mappings and interdependencies
  • Discovery and mapping of telemetry data for each asset
  • Insights into data gaps and data quality to be addressed for AIOps
  • Recommendations to select enrichment attributes that yield maximum coverage and context
  • Automatic generation of alert burst and flapping correlation policies based on historical data

These automated capabilities eliminate manual data feeds, enrichments and reconciliations, thus reducing time to value and ongoing administrative costs.

2. Event Intelligence - Unified Event Console:
Single pane visibility into cross tool alerts & events that uncovers powerful operational insights

Provides single pane alert and event console by ingesting and enriching operational data from discrete operational tools

Key new capabilities include:

  • Quick insights to provide data exploratory analysis on all events, alerts, incidents
  • Intuitive data filtration ability with property filters, hints, save & reuse filters
  • Role based views for administrators to customize information per user needs
  • Analytics with insights on data trends, chatty tools, common alert types and summary stats

Event intelligence can serve as a centralized operational data hub enabling monitoring tool optimization decisions, reduction of training costs and efforts to pull reports from multiple tools.

3. Event Correlation & Reduction
Machine learning driven event correlations and suppression to reduce noise and bring actionability to incidents.

CloudFabrix correlation engine is now enhanced with ML driven symptom learning and use of advanced stack based filters. This type of alert grouping is very effective as it helps in grouping alerts around actual problems that are prevalent in the environment. It is very convenient and easy to use as it is driven by unsupervised machine learning and doesn't require any administrative inputs. These enhancements bring forth the following new capabilities:

  • Un-supervised intelligent grouping of alerts based on symptoms identified using ML clustering algorithms
  • Correlate alerts with full-stack/topology insights providing high degree of association
  • Advanced Controls to fine tune correlation policies to ensure alignment with operation processes
  • Automated ML operations to manage and monitor symptom model pipeline
  • Extended set of analytics and insights to monitor and fine tune correlation policy performances

With these enhancements, enterprises can accelerate time to value, reduce on-going costs and also have a wider control on correlation policy performance improving the trust in the system.

4. Incident Triaging & Root Cause Analysis
Real-Time incident triaging with all incident context, triage data, root cause insights, collaboration and tools at one place

Incident room module is aimed at improving the efficiency of incident response teams. It is now enhanced with self-learning capabilities and use of a wider set of data sources to provide much richer and accurate possible root cause insights. These enhancements enables the following capabilities

  • Change data analysis along with the telemetry data to infer potential root cause
  • Iterative learning and improvement of root cause suggestions with operator feedback
  • Ingestion of incidents from ITSM systems (helpful in e-bonded deployments and managed services environments)
  • Knowledge extraction from external vendor portals based on text identifiers (ex: support cases, CVE#, product defect IDs)

With these enhancements, the productivity of the operations and SOC/NOC teams will be greatly improved due to enhanced and more targeted actionable insights

5. Predictive Insights
Forecasting and ML insights to improve operational readiness and prevent incidents

This release provides prediction insights on any alert or event dataset, along with seasonality, baseline and anomalies. CFX query language and automated pipeline management extend prediction capabilities to broader selection of datasets within the platform.

Key New capabilities include:

  • Forecasting for overall alert, event and log volume dataset
  • Granular forecasting insights for alerts/events of a source, application, stack or severity
  • Seasonality, baseline and anomalies insights on alert and events dataset
  • Extended insights to improve operational readiness with peak loads, seasonalities etc.
  • Ability to schedule recurring ML experiments on datasets with more flexible selections/filters
  • Customizable ML pipelines

These integrated predictive insights improve operational readiness, reduce outages, understand baseline behavior and optimize observability toolsets and monitoring environments over time.

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CloudFabrix is the provider of the Digital Intelligence AIOps platform that scales and accelerates digital IT lifecycle planning and autonomous IT operations. CloudFabrix simplifies and unifies IT operations and governance of both traditional and modern applications across multi-cloud environments by using its AIOps suite of Apps. CloudFabrix empowers IT leaders and operations personnel with actionable intelligence to make faster and better decisions. CloudFabrix is headquartered in Pleasanton, CA with branch offices in India and the United Kingdom.