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Multi-source Data
Collection / Ingestion
Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Open Apps Architecture
Apps, SDK and 3rd Party Integrations

cfxDimensions is an enterprise grade development and runtime platform that is built using several best of breed open core technologies. It provides necessary environment and tools to build, deploy, run and manage modern cloud native apps. It comes with language specific SDKs with the following rich set of services for rapid application development.

  • Optimized for data driven apps development
  • SDK available in multiple languages
  • Open core technologies - Kafka, Elasticsearch, Kubernetes, Docker etc.
  • Built-in core essential services - data store, message bus etc.
  • Built-in security and governance

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Data Ingestion/Integration
Any Source. Any Data.

Untapped data is as bad as having no data. Take any data, from any source into cfxDimensions to gain instantaneous insights and intelligence to determine your outcomes. With extensible architecture, dynamic insights and data modeling capabilities, you can bring your data back to life! This includes:

  • Extensible Data Ingestion Architecture
  • Data Polling and Data Ingest
  • Streaming Data and Offline/Archival Data
  • Dynamic Insights
  • Native integrations with widely used systems and tools

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

AWS, Azure | Oracle | Google ...

Sharepoint | Oracle | Liferay | Tomcat | WebLogic ...

MySQL | Cassandra | Oracle | Influx DB ...

Object Storage
Minio, AWS S3, OpenStack Swift ...

Asset Inventory
HP UCMDB | ServiceNow | BMC …

Nagios | AWS CloudWatch | CA UIM ...

Incident Management
ServiceNow, Remedy, Jira ...

Cisco SmartNet, Vendor SKUs Dictionaries...

Tableau | Domo | IBM Watson Analytics ...

SAP | Oracle, Salesforce ...
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Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Analytics & Machine Learning
Contextual analytics and optimized ML algorithms for IT cross-domain use cases & more

General purpose Machine Learning (ML) tools lack business and IT/application context, especially application-to-infrastructure dependencies, to provide optimal insights. With cfxDimensions, enterprises can now have high quality ML models, predictions and analytics, because the platform has full awareness of outcomes, applications, infrastructure dependencies and the overall IT operations context. This includes:

  • Baselining performance metrics and deriving dynamic thresholds
  • Anomaly detection based on baseline and dynamic thresholds data
  • Forecasting incidents based on capacity, performance and security vulnerabilities
  • What-if-analysis for budgeting, decision making and risk mitigation
  • Root cause analysis based on correlation, dependencies etc.
  • Even/Alert classification, de-duplication and clustering
  • Incident auto resolution based on historical learning

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Automation & AI Bots

cfxDimensions provides the following built-in functions and capabilities enabling enterprises to automate repetitive business and operations processes at scale both on-premise and in the cloud

  • Build bots using serverless technology and workflows
  • Zero-code/low-code workflow designer
  • Language specific SDK support for rapid development
  • Dynamic and adaptive triggers for workflow execution
  • Intelligent automation through knowledge-base and self-learning capabilities
  • Complete audit trail support to address compliance requirements
  • Native integration with enterprise ITSM and ITOA tools

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Cloud Native Architecture
Microservices. Containers. Cloud Scale.

cfxDimensions supports several standard Microservices architectural patterns like service discovery, configuration management, load balancing, messaging, etc. cfxDimensions can now provide high capacity data ingestion and integration with third party systems. This includes:

  • Enterprise grade platform for large scale Microservices applications
  • Purpose built to develop, deploy and manage cloud native applications
  • Container-ready and native support for Kubernetes environment
  • Deployable and scalable in any cloud environment
  • Rich command-line interface (CLI) and console to address the needs of DevOps
  • Built-in security, governance, multi-tenancy and analytics capabilities

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

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Broad Coverage of Supported Technologies

cfxDimensions supports a broad range of applications, infrastructure and other standard IT systems. You can now discover, analyze and optimize all managed assets out of the box. New support can be easily added using SDK. ISV/Partners can also extend support by publishing new extensions in the service catalog and marketplace. This includes:

  • Standard packaged and multi-tier web apps
  • Language/Frameworks, such as Java, C#, .NET, Node.js, Python, Spring, etc.
  • Host/OS on any Linux and Windows server
  • Physical and virtual infrastructure including network, storage, load balancers and firewalls
  • ITSM systems, such as Ticketing, Config and Fault Management
  • Data ingestion from databases, data lakes, Cloud datastores etc.
Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform
Flexible Deployment Options

cfxDimensions supports flexible deployment options for on-premises as well as on public cloud installation. Partners can host cfxDimensions and offer it as Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to their customers. In addition, it can also be deployed on customer premises along with support and services.

Application Analytics & Intelligence Platform

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