With Robotic Data Automation (RDA) DevOps Solution Pack, you can automate common day-to-day DevOps tasks and operations involving log/event analytics, CI/CD insights, baselining, change detection and more

Featured Integrations
Example Use Cases
Software error code contextualization using NLP engines (ex: OpenAI)

Get a short and easy-to-understand text summary and context of software error codes, java exception stack trace, leveraging NLP bots, and 3rd party AI/ML integrations (ex: OpenAI, IBM Watson, etc.)

Integrate to CI/CD pipeline for build quality and optimization insights

Get build quality insights, identify long-pending jobs, change insights, incident to code traceability, and more by integrating with CI/CD pipelines like Jenkins, CircleCI etc. and seamlessly delivering this data to BI dashboards (ex: Kibana), collaboration tools (ex: Slack/MS Teams) and more.

Analyze and discover errors and info patterns from application logs

Integrate with log collection systems (ex: Splunk, Elasticsearch, etc.) and use AI/ML and NLP bots to identify groups of related logs, trends and patterns, anomalies, and sources of noisy/chatty logs.

Detect changes in current software release against baseline state with data from BitBucket, TeamCity & Jenkins

Enrich incidents and trouble tickets with DevOps insights related to software build changes, change data artifacts details, list of repositories/branches, and more - using integrations with BitBucket, TeamCity & Jenkins, etc.

Container security and app vulnerability analysis

Identify security vulnerabilities in containers using 3rd party tool integrations like CloudDefense and more. Create custom reports, publish insights to Kibana dashboards or notify on Slack etc.

Kubernetes cluster state baselining and change insights

Identify changes in Kubernetes clusters like the number of clusters, the number of containers, container status changes (started/stopped/running). Push changes to a dashboard like Kibana.

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