With an ever-changing IT asset landscape, IT environments have become more complex and dynamic.

  • Constant addition and removal of software and hardware assets
  • Lack of visibility associated with contracts, EOL/EoS risks
  • Poor risk management for security and compliance vulnerabilities
  • Lack of asset visibility and manual decision making process
  • Challenges with new and dynamic consumption models

Lack of visibility into overall
hardware and software assets

Out of control
spend on assets

Out of compliance and
out of support risks

Over/under utilization of
hardware and software assets

Not able to handle subscription
consumption models?

Lack of success transparency
between vendor, partner and customer
Solution and Key Benefits

cfxDimensions leverages analytics, automation and integrations with over 100 data sources to deliver critical insights across asset lifecycles, utilization and spend using easy-to-use dashboards and tools without creating a huge management workload. Its built-in workflows allows customers to adapt the solution to meet their internal process easily.

Automate IT asset inventory and lifecycle data collection

Support for multi-vendor HW, SW and subscription offering

Automate contract data ingestion for risk analysis

Effective management of EOL, EOS and security risks

Insights on license compliance and risks

Support contracts quality health scores
How it Works



Data Sources

  • Asset Data:
    • In-built deep asset discovery
    • 3rd party sources like CMDB, Active Directory
  • Lifecycle Data
    • OEM customer support systems - SNTC etc.
    • Customer ERP systems – SAP
    • Contract data
    • Support for HW & SW assets
    • Subscription services
  • Other sources
    • Common Vulnerabilities and Exposures (CVE)
    • Vendor specific alerts/notifications
    • Vendor and proprietary dictionaries
    • ERP / Purchase data
    • More...


  • HTTP/S
  • SNMP
  • WinRM
  • SSH
  • APIs
  • More...

Data Extract

  • Device Inventory
  • Entities/Components
  • Contract terms
  • Entitlements
  • Risks & Vulnerabilities
  • Device configurations
  • More...

Analytics to manage
assets support risk

Enterprise wide contract health
and consolidation opportunities

Decisions regarding security
and compliance risks

License compliance
risks and More...

Actionable Insights
  • License/Contract consolidation opportunities
  • Identification of assets under contract risk
  • What-if analysis and scenarios
  • Budget planning and forecast
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities and risks
  • Pinpoint compliance risks
  • Insights on cost saving opportunities
  • Insights for technology transformation
  • Inputs to the planning team
  • More...
Automated Actions
  • Generate project plan and schedule
  • Compute depreciation schedules
  • Automate patching and updates
  • Automated notifications and alerts
  • Automate procurement workflows
  • Automate provisioning/deprovisioning
  • Automate config backup/restore
  • Automated scheduled reports
  • More...
Supported Use Cases

Discover Contract Renewal & Consolidation Opportunities

Discover and Manage IT Assets Security, Support Risks

Discover and Manage Assets Aging (EOL & EOS) Preparedness