The Ever Increasing Alert Noise Problem
Modern hybrid-IT environments are monitored by numerous multi-vendor and multi-domain monitoring tools that generate humongous amounts of alerts and events that are not actionable.

Noisy alerts increase the risk of real alerts going undetected causing service outages. Thes alerts also carry siloed information missing the application or service context. Furthermore, NOCs are also inundated with tickets caused by such false alerts when routed directly to Incident Management Systems.

Surveys show "82% of IT incidents are not actionable" Costing $1.27M on average every year

Exploding false alert volume impacting IT productivity

Risk of missing real alerts and NOC inundated with unactionable incidents

Alerts missing application or service context

Lack of standardized model for alert data

Hard to identify areas for optimization or improvement

Difficult to control alerting behavior across multiple monitoring tools
Meet the CloudFabrix Alert Watch
Modern AI-driven Event Correlation for all your IT Alerts & Events

Send all your alerts and events to CloudFabrix Alert Watch and get actionable alerts and incidents
that are fully enriched, correlated and deduped to eliminate noise and lead to action.

Ingest and
enrich alerts

Correlate and
suppress alerts

Extrapolate impacted applications or services

Powerful analytics
and key metrics

Recommendations to tune monitoring behavior

Auto create and update actionable incidents in ITSM
Key Benefits

90% Reduction in
False Alerts

50% Reduction in MTTD

Zero missed
valid alerts

100% SLA

Optimized Infrastructure

Centralized record for alerts
How it Works?
Map, Correlate and Reduce Numerous Alerts & Events into Actionable Incidents

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Ingest Alerts
Ingest alerts & events from any tool, any source, any environment with featured integrations and APIs. Standardize alert data model enabling numerous post processing capabilities.

Enrich Alerts
Enrich every alert with dynamically populated data to provide key application, service or business context to aid in efficient alert correlation and routing.

Correlate Alerts
Group and correlate alerts into actionable Problems. Automatically get suggestions for alert correlations based on ML. Instantly control correlation behavior with visual editor

Stack Awareness
Augment correlation with stack awareness by extrapolating impacted and connected assets from application dependency mapping (ADM) and CMDB.

Suppress Alerts
Automatically detect and dedup alerts bursts or alert flapping situations. Suppress alerts during periodic operational activities like daily backups, patching or maintenance windows.

Analytics & Observations
Powerful Analytics and visualizations to identify anomalies in alert behavior, key alerting patterns and trends.


Optimize Infrastructure
Get actionable recommendations to optimize and tune Alerting behavior. Identify candidates for dynamics thresholds, resources hogs, time of day hotspots

Actionable Incidents
Automatically create Tickets for actionable alerts in Incident Management System

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