With Robotic Data Automation (RDA) DataOps Solution Pack, you can automate repetitive data preparation and integration activities including, metadata discovery, data quality analysis, data ingestion, data filtering/cleaning/transformation, data shaping/aggregation, data encryption/decryption, data tracing, and more

Featured Integrations
Example Use Cases
Synchronize Splunk data to Elasticsearch

Synchronize or selectively replicate Splunk logs/events to 3rd party log analytics tools like Elasticsearch for extended log retention and AI/ML model training.

Synchronize MySQL database tables into Snowflake

Synchronize MySQL database tables to Snowflake with change data capture, continuous replication/transformation, SQL-based transformations, with real-time monitoring and alerts.

Data Enrichment with Dictionary lookups

Enrich or enhance the quality of IT operations data with an application, infrastructure, or service context using management system tool integrations and dictionary-based lookups.

Upload data from files and convert to Dataset

Upload CSV, Parquet, ORC or Avro format files and convert them into datasets for standardized operations and interactions with other tools using bots and pipelines.

Exploratory Data Analysis

Explore datasets, review metadata, understand datatypes, review list of columns, search for columns or content, get top 10 rows or last 10 rows, plot data, group by data, and more, using RDA Studio, which is a visual and collaborative workbench to perform RDA tasks.

Who is it For
Data Architects
Data Analysts
Citizen DataOps

Maximize ROI from existing data and tools

Simpler data integrations

Reduced cost and improved accuracy

Seamless Integration and Analytics