Enterprises are increasingly aware that they need to transform their IT and technologies for a successful digital transformation to support their business. However, they are faced with several challenges due to lack of appropriate solutions that can address the following challenges:

  • Lack of full visibility across the digital or end user experience
  • Manual and cumbersome decisions making process due to data silos
  • Ongoing and manual efforts by IT to demonstrate business values
  • Provide constant visibility into progress for timely alert on risks
  • Complex integration requirements
  • Growing compliance cost and drifts

Solution and Key Benefits

This solution provides deep discovery capabilities that dispenses immediate programmatic visibility into the full-application stack, such as capturing: Configuration, Topology, Dependencies and Integrations with external services (exchange servers, ticketing systems, etc.) Underlying infrastructure (VMs, IP etc.) Equipped with deep insights into the current state, the solution will now provides a clear path through its Decision Rooms capabilities to guide the organization towards a new state with appropriate gating, audit, and compliance controls.


Contextual data
and insights

Scenario analysis
and risk assessment

Customizable decision
management process

Integration with
collaboration tools

Automated workflows
and report generation
How it Works



Data Sources

  • Asset Data:
    • In-built deep asset discovery
    • 3rd party sources like CMDB, Active Directory
  • Lifecycle Data
    • OEM customer support systems - SNTC etc.
    • Customer ERP systems – SAP
    • Contract data
  • Operations Data
    • Monitoring tools
    • ITSM data and insights
  • Business Data
    • Costs, Depreciation schedule etc.
    • Services dependency
    • Sales, CRM data, ERP data etc.
    • More...


  • HTTP/S
  • SNMP
  • WinRM
  • SSH
  • APIs
  • More...

Metrics / Insights

  • Device Inventory
  • Entities/Components
  • Asset health metrics
  • Contract terms
  • Entitlements
  • Risks & Vulnerabilities
  • Device configurations
  • More...

Detailed asset topology and dependencies

Assets/Services at risk
that need to be transformed

Optimal transformation plan and milestones

Scenario analysis &

Actionable Insights
  • Insights into infrastructure consolidation opportunities
  • Insights into application rationalization opportunities
  • Insights into what assets need replacement
  • Replacement sequence based on dependencies
  • Cost saving opportunities from zombie/rogue assets removal
  • Pinpoint compliance and security risks
  • Optimal scenario for project execution
  • More...
Automated Actions
  • Generate project plan and schedule
  • Automate notifications and alerts
  • Automate procurement workflows
  • Automate provisioning/de-provisioning
  • Automate configurtion backup and restore
  • Automate generation of scheduled reports
  • Automate P.O/invoice workflows
  • More...
Supported Use Cases


Network Refresh Upgrade

IT Infrastructure Modernization

Application Rationalization