With this Robotic Data Automation (RDA) AIOps Pack, you can automate essential AIOps activities like data metadata discovery, data quality analysis, data enrichment, data integration, incident remediations and more.

Featured Integrations
Example Use Cases
Application Dependency Mapping (ADM) and Impact Map

Establish full-stack application dependency mapping by discovering and/or combining data from multiple sources and formulate an impact map that shows impact of an outage/degradation of IT assets.

Alert/Event Data enrichment with Application or Service context

Enhance the quality of your alerts/events in real-time by adding an application or service context using CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence and optional integrations with ITAM/CMDB systems.

AIOps Data Preparation and Integration

Automate data ingestion, mapping of fields to CFX normalized model, data filtering and shaping, data aggregation, data transformation, bi-directional data integrations and more.

Automated Incident Diagnosis or Resolution

Automate incident diagnosis or resolution involving programmatic interactions and/or IT operational data and query from multiple tools.

Who is it For
AIOps Architects
ITOps Professionals
Enterprise Monitoring Architecture

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