With Robotic Data Automation (RDA) Edge/IoT Solution Pack, you can gain automated edge workload observability, edge AI model training/inferences, edge data optimization for delivery to DC/Cloud/SaaS, IoT message delivery, and more.

Featured Integrations
Example Use Cases
Real-time Edge IT Asset inventory and mappings

Deploy a remote or edge data collection module to discover and map IT assets using an agentless discovery approach, multi-protocol discovery, and vendor integrations.

Real-time IoT Asset inventory and performance insights

Discover IoT devices and collect telemetry data, compile performance insights using integrations with MQTT,, Kafka, and more.

Build observability custom dashboard/report at Edge

Customize and schedule generation of observability reports including Availability & Uptime, Performance Report, Alerts, and Incidents Report, Assets Inventory Report, Asset Configuration Report Server Events Report, Network Events Report, Security Events Report and more.

Optimize or Aggregate Edge Data before Sending to Cloud or Datacenter

Edge data can be very noisy and redundant. Customize data that gets sent over the network with aggregate analytics and AI/ML inferences, using data bots and edge data pipelines

Streaming Message Delivery for IoT Environments: Kafka,, MQTT

Enable streaming and real-time delivery of messages over distributed connectivity systems like Apache Kafka,, and MQTT to achieve seamless integration of IoT data with other IT systems and cloud services.

Who is it For
IoT Architects
Edge Operations
IoT Vendors

IT Efficiency

Integrated Edge/IoT Environments

Cost Optimization

Edge Observability