Robotic Data Automation

Automate and Accelerate AIOps with Data Bots and Low-Code Pipelines

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What is Robotic Data Automation (RDA)

Robotic Data Automation (RDA) helps Operationalize Machine Data at Scale for AI and Analytics Driven Decisions. With RDA, you can automate data preparation & integration and get to AIOps faster using data bots and low-code data pipelines.

Automate Data
Preparation with Bots

Make your IT data ready for AIOps. Filter, aggregate or shape data, transform data and enrich quality of data with bots - All with purpose built data management bots.

Automate Data
Integration with Bots

Integrate with any app, any environment (Cloud/On-Prem/Edge) using integration bots, powered by global hybrid data hub.


Task Automation
with Bot Library

You get (virtual) data engineer(s) in a box - with a set of 500+ bots to automate some of the mundane data tasks that are typical in AIOps.

AIOps Studio to create Pipelines and Solution Packs

Bring DevOps paradigm to AIOps. Author, iterate and publish low-code data pipelines in collaborative visual workbench called AIOps Studio

Declarative Low-Code
Data Pipelines

Author low-code data pipelines in a declarative simple markup language like syntax. You don’t need to be a programming expert to author pipelines. Visualize pipeline and debug data at every stage.

Data Lineage & Governance

Trace your data from source to destination and all intermediate stages.

Deployment Choice

Install AIOps Studio anywhere - laptop, desktop, VM or access our Cloud Hosted SaaS version within minutes

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