CloudFabrix Data Exchange (CFXDX)

Modern Data Preparation &
Integration for Observability & AIOps

Data Preparation and Integration Challenges in AIOps

IT operations data is generated by many structured and unstructured sources and tools, spread across different domains and environments. This poses a continuous challenge for AIOps implementations to efficiently acquire and ingest data while also integrating with complementary tools within the IT ecosystem.

Organizations continue to cite “operationalization” and “augmented data preparation” as the two biggest differentiators that enable enterprise-wide adoption - says Gartner

Data Complexity
  • Structured and unstructured sources
  • Streaming and Batch data
Data Access
  • Data access complexity in remote sites, edge and multi-cloud environments
  • Limited protocol support
Connectors Limitations
  • Limited re-use or extensibility
  • Data format not suitable for analytics/AIOps
Integration Complexity
  • Difficult to move data from one source to another
  • Extended time to value (High TCO)
Meet CloudFabrix Data Exchange (CFXDX)

Modern Data Preparation and Integration for Observability & AIOps


Simplify and Accelerate AIOps Implementations

Maximize AIOps Interoperability

Democratize IT Data Access

Reduce TCO
Use Cases


E-Bonding of tickets from Managed Customer’s ITSM to MSP ITSM. Leverages bi-directional integration

CMDB Update

Keep CMDB synchronized and up-to-date with real time asset intelligence from CloudFabrix Asset Intelligence and/or 3rd party ITAM solutions

Incident Classification with OpenAI/GPT-3

Ingest tickets from ServiceNow with OpenAI (GPT-3) and enrich tickets back to ServiceNow

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