CXO Intelligence Dashboard

CXOs are always under pressure to pay attention on optimizing operations to deliver superior customer experience and gain better control over business processes. Today they frequently do not have access to real-time and single pane of glass views to know the pulse of their business and the underlying key IT enablers' health to make swift decisions.

Solution: cfxDimensions enables executives and business leaders with actionable insights on how their business and operations perform with respect to preferred outcomes or KPIs. These insights not only show the health status of their business but also guide them towards actions that can address any gaps and risks. Enterprises can implement workflows based on recommended actions to automate business and operations processes, which improve efficiency. cfxDimensions provides:

  • Real-time visibility into key business performance and drive operational excellence
  • Governance for outcomes level
  • Learned and highlighted dependencies about IT operations performance and gaps to optimize investments
  • Alerts to stakeholders about technology risks and recommendations to ensure that the environment is secure and compliant with regulatory requirements
  • Extensible framework that adds new Outcomes and KPIs that are based on the needs of an industry or organization to accelerate growth

Business and IT Outcomes Governance

Enterprises today rely heavily on IT to drive business. However, achieving a strong alignment continues to be a major challenge for business leaders. Business leaders need to clearly articulate and define outcomes for business and operations. They need to be able to map any underlying IT outcomes and measure them on a continuous basis to detect any issues.

Solution: cfxDimensions provides analytics driven business and IT governance to continuously measure the health of the organization and the technology that powers it. It then guides the stakeholders to achieve those outcomes through actionable recommendations. Overtime it can learn and automate the prescribed actions so that enterprises can consistently meet the desired outcomes. cfxDimensions can:

  • Identify and alert on technology bottlenecks that have an impact on business outcomes
  • Provide a feedback loop for stakeholders with actionable recommendations to address gaps
  • Provide continuous visibility of Outcome/KPI performance
  • Predict and prevent negative outcome

Digital Customer Experience Management

In today’s hyper competitive world, customer experience is essential for both the future growth and the current bottom-line of any organization. However measuring and optimizing a customer’s experience from multiple angles is complex. It also requires getting an analysis from different data sources and customer touch points.

Solution: With cfxDimensions, customers can define key metrics across all channels and interactions and measure them on a continuous basis to provide visibility. The solution automatically learns negative deviations and alerts key stakeholders. The scope of experience often extends beyond product interaction. It can include support and after service follow-ups. cfxDimensions can:

  • Track and measure interactions across multiple touch points
  • Provide end-to-end measurement of customer experience, For example - UI, backend etc.
  • Identify technology bottlenecks that have an impact on customer experience
  • Provide context and recommendations to improve customer experience (faster resolutions, etc.)

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