Use Cases

CXO Intelligence Dashboard

The persistent focus on optimizing organization operations to deliver superior customer experience and to gain better controls over business operations...

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Asset Usage & Cost Optimization

Organizations are challenged to upgrade, maintain and optimize IT investments that support and deliver business outcomes. Having complete visibility...

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Asset Capacity Planning & Forecasting

IT Organizations have a tough task of balancing support for new business needs with limited data center infrastructure resources...

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Digital/Customer Experience

Customer experience is essential for both the future growth and the current bottom-line of any organization. Customer experience...

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Application Governance

Every enterprise has quantifiable business and operations objectives like availability, performance, compliance, end user experience etc...

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Cloud Native Application Governance

Container Solutions, especially in combination with microservice architectures and the practice of DevOps have introduced a lot of complexity into operations...

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Digital War Room

Traditional war rooms are a common practice even now, where multiple IT organizational units come together, mostly in a reactive mode, to perform diagnosis...

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Business-IT Alignment

Business and IT alignment continues to be a major challenge for business leaders. Business leaders need to clearly articulate and define business outcomes...

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Infra/IT Ops
DC Refresh & Migration

Technology has evolved significantly in the last couple of years and will continue to do so in the future also. Business demands adoption of new technology...

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Cloud Migration / Transformation

Cloud Migration is the process of migrating or extending enterprise on-premises workloads to Cloud. Legacy nature, rigid architectures and complex ...

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Alert Noise Reduction

IT operations and NOC teams are constantly bogged down by the huge volumes of alerts and incidents. Most often a majority of these alerts...

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Cloud Security, Compliance & Governance

Cloud is fundamentally a shared responsibility model, keeping the onus of securing applications and data on the customer or user...

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