In today’s current digital and cloud computing era, where infrastructure and application technologies are fast changing, IT OPs , NOC/SOC and ServiceDesk teams are faced with the following monitoring and operational challenges to ensure maximum service levels, efficiency and agility:

  • Too many alarms resulting in alert fatigue
  • Lack of support for modern apps and clouds
  • Unable to support dynamically expanding modern IT workloads
  • Rigid architectures resulting: long lead times to support new device types or vendors
  • Monitoring tool sprawl to support multiple device types and technologies
  • Not able to manage large scale events and metrics
  • Not able to easily integrate with ITSM and analytics tools

Solution and Key Benefits

cfxDimensions’ Hybrid IT Monitoring solution provides real-time monitoring of various IT application and infrastructure assets from a unified portal. The solution is highly scalable, secure and fully multi-tenant. It can support monitoring of multiple customers, remote sites, branches or subsidiaries. The solution provides integrations with popular ITSM tools to perform automated incident management, making it an ideal choice for NOC/SOC teams.

Visibility & Coverage across On-prem & Multi-cloud Environments

AI Driven Dynamic Baselines, Forecasting to Reduce Alert Noise

Advisory Services with I&O Optimization Recommendations

Fully Extensible, Multi-tenant, Cloud Scale & Modern Architecture

Ticketing System Integration & Notifications

Automated Diagnosis & Resolution. Virtual NOC Engineer
How it Works


Data Sources


  • SNMP
  • HTTP/S
  • SSH
  • WinRM
  • WMI
  • ICMP
  • OS Agents
  • More...

Metrics / Insights

  • Device Inventory
  • Entities/Components
  • Ports
  • Interfaces
  • Metrics
  • Network Topology
  • Flow Stats
  • More...

Advanced Analytics,
Anomaly Detection

Top Troubled Devices,
Active Alerts

Real-time Interactive
Metric Trend


Alert Timeline
across Full Stack

Network Utilization,
Custom Dashboards and More ...

Actionable Insights

Example recommendations:
Apply dynamic thresholds to identified devices, Storage devices that need capacity upgrade etc.

Example recommendations :
Devices that are likely to raise alert in the following week, False alerts that need to be disabled etc
Automated Actions
  • Automated Alert Fire/Update/Clear
  • Automated Reports/Notifications
  • Automated Device Config Backup
  • Automated Incident Create/Update/Auto Resolve
  • Automated Incident Enrichment
  • Automated Incident Diagnostics
  • Virtual NOC Engineer
  • AI Bots
  • More...

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