Application Governance & Optimization

Ensuring efficient and optimized apps by collecting
learning and analyzing key IT operations and business performance data

What it is

Your business depends on Applications. With cfxDimensions (for App) your applications are
fully efficient, optimized and always behave in a way to meet your business objectives and expectations.



Faster Issue Resolution
Improvement in App Health
and Efficiency
Apps behave per best practices
and certified designs

How we do it

  • Continuous Operational Data Collection from apps, infra, ITSM systems
  • Data processing and analytics - health and risk dashboards
  • Granular application and IT operations insights
  • Visibility into outcomes performance broken down by region/environment/app
  • Optimize and improve outcomes with what-if scenarios and issue predictions

What do I get

Real-time view of Application behavior from Outcomes Perspective

Score: Health. Risk. Optimization

cfxDimensions (for App) provides real-time scorecard to provide a quantifiable measure of health, risk and optimization of all managed applications. Score ranges between 0 (worst) to 100 (best). In addition to score, cfxDimensions (for App) identifies top application issues, chokepoints, and provides recommendations to optimize application behavior Issues can also be remediated by creating incidents or triggering workflows.

  • Real-time application scores: Health, Risk and Optimization
  • Aggregate scoring at Region/Site/Pod level
  • Drill down scores for hosts and infrastructure
  • Identifies application issues, chokepoints and provides recommendations
  • Remediation operations - integration with ticketing, workflow, runbook automation systems

Drill-down Analytics and Insights for Faster Troubleshooting

Insights: Business, Application, Infrastructure

cfxDimensions (for App) takes analytics to the next level Insights, which are atomic units of intelligence for a given technology or component. For example, "SQL Server Security" provides insight for SQL server security configuration and operations. Insights are provided for all managed assets. For every Insight, cfxDimensions (for App) deploys a specific set of rules or checks based on industry best practices, vendor recommendations, reference architectures and customer specific requirements.

  • Atomic unit of intelligence for any technology/business component
  • Insights identify common application issues and chokepoints
  • Rules based on vendor recommendations, best practices and reference architectures
  • Extensible with customer/partner specific requirements
  • Aggregated view of Insights for a given operational dimension (ex: All Performance Insights)

Efficient and Optimized Applications leveraging Machine Learning

Root Cause Analysis. What-If Scenarios. Issue Predictions

cfxDimensions (for App) has full contextual awareness of business outcomes and infrastructure dependencies to enable true application optimization. cfxDimensions (for App) provides resource utilization baselines to drive sizing optimizations. Application correlation with other underlying components helps provide impact analysis for faster troubleshooting. What-if scenario analysis tool allows simulating future scenarios or do dry-runs and help uncover blind spots. Predictive analytics help predict and prevent upcoming issues and also quantify it through Optimization score.

  • Faster troubleshooting and root cause identification
  • Resource utilization baselines to drive sizing optimizations
  • What-if analysis tool for dry-runs and simulations
  • Predictive analytics to predict and prevent impending issues (capacity, outages etc.)
  • Data Scientists Tools and Dashboards
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