Asset Lifecycle and Adoption Management

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Are you facing the following Asset Management challenges?

Lack of visibility into overall
hardware and software assets

Out of control
spend on assets

Out of compliance and
out of support risks

Over/under utilization of
hardware and software assets

Not able to handle subscription
consumption models?

Lack of success transparency
between vendor, partner and customer

Break free from Asset Management challenges!

With cfxRealize you get continuous visibility and intelligence to optimize hardware and software assets usage and spend.
Also enables faster adoption of new hardware and software consumption models.

Up-to-date Asset
Inventory & Reporting

Uncover hidden costs
& unnecessary spend

Asset Lifecycle
Adoption Management

Customer Success

Be ahead of Sales cycles

to your customers

How cfxRealize is Enabling our Customers

Get complete control over your asset spend
and maximize software adoption

cfxRealize continuously gathers different sets of data such as subscription and contracts including usage data from multiple sources.
It performs advanced analytics to derive total visibility into portfolio, tracking, lifecycle and optimized spend.
  • Asset Inventory & Reporting

    Gather data from different sources to provide comprehensive visibility into asset Inventory and reporting.
  • Asset lifecycle insights

    Complete visibility into asset lifecycle. Identify and mitigate EOL, EOS risks. Better control over budget planning.
  • Adoption Management

    Integrations with contract/EDI systems. Automate the adoption process management for customer success.

  • Optimize Spend

    Visibility into Software licenses purchased, installed and identify installed but unused licenses to avoid over subscription of licenses.
  • Adopt subscription and deliver customer success.

    Drive customer value and adoption of software utilizing business outcomes KPIs driven by advanced analytics

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