Hybrid IT Monitoring for the Digital Age

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Are you facing these Monitoring Setbacks?

Too many alarms
and alert fatigue

Lack of support for
modern apps and clouds

Rigid architectures:
long lead times to support
new device types or vendors

Monitoring tool sprawl
to support multiple
device types and technologies

Not able to handle
large scale events and metrics

Not able to easily integrate with
ITSM and Analytics tools

Break Free from Monitoring Setbacks!

cfxPulse, the next generation hybrid IT monitoring platform, is built from the ground up with cloud native
architecture and advanced analytics. cfxPulse provides real-time and actionable monitoring intelligence
enabling automation and tight integration with ITSM/ITOM systems.

Full visibility into rapidly scaling infrastructure and applications

Intelligent alerting to automatically detect abnormal changes and filter out irrelevant alerts

Continuous learning and analysis of metrics and events to provide deep insights and issue predictions

Rapid customer onboarding with Auto device discovery, CMDB population

Quickly add support for new devices & technologies

Extensible to Public Clouds, Containers, Devops & SaaS Services

Role based dashboards – Exec, Admin & Operator. Monitor multiple customers, sites or regions from one portal.

Out of box integrations with ITSM tools SeviceNow, Remedy, Jira

Visibility Across all your Hybrid IT Environments

Enabling Agile, Responsive and Predictive IT

How cfxPulse is Enabling our Customers

Give a whole new upgrade to your IT Monitoring

cfxPulse is purpose-built to address expanding needs of modern IT, for speed and scale in complex and hybrid environments.
cfxPulse brings together monitoring, analytics and automated integrations to enable your IT to focus on innovation
and IT/strategic objectives rather than just keeping the lights on.
  • Real-time Health, Availability and Performance Insights

    Continuously monitors all your IT infrastructure, traditional and modern apps, clouds and IoT environments to provide instantaneous insights.
  • Monitoring Analytics & Incident Prediction

    Intelligent Alerting to significantly reduce alert noise. Incident Enrichment and Prediction to enable incident re-prioritization.
  • Automated Diagnosis & Resolution. Virtual NOC Engineer

    Automatically push configlets to many devices in one shot with workflows. Auto resolve incidents with runbook automation enabling digital labor and virtual engineer.

  • Integrated Ticketing and Notifications

    Automatically create incidents in ServiceNow, Remedy or Jira. Send notifications to various collaboration tools Cisco Spark, Slack or HipChat
  • Multi-tenant Self-Service Portal & Cloud Based, APIs

    On-Prem and Cloud based deployments. Self-service portal. Supports multiple customers, sites or regions. Open APIs. MSP track available.
  • Fully Extensible, Cloud Scale & Modern Architecture

    Rapidly add support for new vendors/technologies. Built with modern Microservices, Containers based architecture. Scale to million+ monitored assets.

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