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CloudFabrix Announces the General Availability of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF), a Low Code Analytics Platform with 1000+ Data / AI Bots, for Data In Motion

RDAF AIOPs and Observability in-place predictive analytics pipelines to integrate, enrich and correlate data in motion, to be on display at Cisco Live and AWS Summit Milan

PLEASANTON, Calif., June 9, 2022 -- CloudFabrix, the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric (RDAF), unifying Observability, AIOps and Automation announced its availability on self-service cfxCloud, a SaaS platform running in AWS. Patent pending RDAF simplifies and automates AIOps and Observability pipelines using Bots and Low code approach.
Enterprises have struggled to collaborate well around their data, which inhibits their ability to adapt and succeed with Digital Transformation, glean actionable insights or innovate. There is a realization that every AI problem is first a data problem. This is resulting in what Accenture calls the "Data Value Gap," where 80% of time is spent in data preparation. According to Forrester 60-70% of collected data is unused due to data quality and 55% use manual approach and 50% see talent gap. Data is siloed and only 16% say they have agile data supply chains.

Robotic Data Automation Fabric takes these challenges head on. Gartner has identified Data Fabric as the No.1 trend for I/O leaders in 2022 and No.3 trend in 2021. Data preparation and data quality challenge is handled with Data Integration and Data Automation, where data is transformed, enriched and contextualized. Skills Gap is handled with Low code 1000+ Data and AI Bots Marketplace. Partners and customers can build their own custom Bots and pipelines, or use existing pipelines. Data silos at the edge, data center and multi-cloud are addressed by low latency, streams-based Data Fabric which can ingest billions of real time events and messages. RDAF thus delivers integrated and enriched real time data to both operational and analytical workloads and use cases.

RDAF platform has multiple real-time data management use cases across verticals - Operational Support Systems (OSS) / Business Support Systems (BSS) for Telcos, MSP's and BFSI and Healthcare Enterprises. Examples would include Customer 360, Machine data /IoT/Industrial IoT management, Operational Intelligence to predict customer churn, detect fraud, deliver personalized services, multi-tenant data privacy management, test data management, unifying observability, AIOps and Automation across Business and IT systems.

RDAF Platform comprises of multi-layer architecture –

  • Data Integration layer across disparate sources and sinks, formats and data types,
  • Data Automation layer shaping, enriching and contextualizing the data stream, running AI/ML and analytics pipelines to derive actionable intelligence and routing to multiple sources and sinks.
  • Data intelligence layer builds services using these pipelines for each supported use case, e.g. Log Intelligence for managing log data, Customer 360, AIOps etc. Finally,
  • Data access layer provides a self-service layer for different personas to gain insights into the data pipelines –
    • browser based Digital playground, on demand dashboards and reports for citizen developers,
    • RDAF Serverless Pipeline Functions is a powerful approach to bring data using REST API's and CLI's to the low code pipelines for Data Scientists and Analysts and finally
    • Data studio for IT and DevSecOps domain users.

RDAF platform is consumed as cfxCloud and cfxEdge which run as microservices in AWS cloud or hybrid data centers.

One of the newer services launched using RDAF is the Log Intelligence service which improves TCO and productivity by 50% and MTTR by 60% for Splunk and SIEM users. Log Intelligence service does log reduction, correlation, while routing full fidelity copy and persisting to either S3 bucket with timestamps or SnowFlake, enriches log with CVE, MITRE feeds, or geo IP looks-up using Infoblox, does log replay to your choice of stream and enables EdgeAI and anomaly detection. Log Intelligence service is available in AWS Marketplace as consumption and contract listing for end users and consulting channel partners.

RDAF platform, RDAF powered AIOps, Predictive Insights and Log Intelligence will be on display at Cisco Live, Las Vegas, June 12-16th and AWS Summit, Milan from June 21st and 22nd as a silver sponsor. We look forward to meeting customers and partners to discuss how we can collaborate.

Supporting Quotes

"IBM Consulting and CloudFabrix participated in a joint Proof of Technology, showcasing IBM's Shared Services Platform (IBM Liberty Platform) consisting of DevSecOps toolchains & pipelines in a multi-tenant architecture. The toolset includes JIRA, GitLab, Jenkins, SonarQube, JFrog Artifactory, UCD, AppScan and Selenium. This DevSecOps environment was observed using Robotic Data Automation Fabric. The Proof of Technology successfully demonstrated data integration, MLOps and Predictive Analytics on streaming log data and cross domain correlation and anomaly detection. RDAF platform is very extensible and can address broad Business and IT use cases, said Raghava Venkat, Partner & Global Offering Leader, DevSecOps and AIOps, IBM Consulting.

"Robotic Data Automation Fabric is CloudFabrix's most transformative innovation. As we interacted with Observability and AIOps customers, it became apparent that every AI problem was first a Data problem. This is what drove us to address the data problem with Robotic Data Automation Fabric. This is a very extensible platform and has use cases across Business, Analytical and Operational Systems," said Bhaskar Krishnamsetty, Chief Product Officer, CloudFabrix.

About CloudFabrix™

CloudFabrix is the inventor of Robotic Data Automation Fabric and an AIOps vendor. Robotic Data Automation Fabric delivers integrated, enriched and actionable data pipelines to operational and analytical systems. RDAF unifies Observability, AIOps and Automation for Operational Systems and enriches analytical systems. CloudFabrix empowers Business and IT leaders with AI-powered actionable intelligence to make faster and better decisions and accelerate IT planning and Autonomous operations. For more information, visit

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