Actionable Intelligence for Smarter Decisions

What is a Decision Room?

  • A decision room is where Executes, Program Managers, Financial Planners, Sales Execs will see list of Actionable Recommendations with ability to immediately act on them
  • Decision Rooms will look at all the necessary data, will run analytics and will provide actionable recommendations with a project plan
  • No overload of reports and dashboards

Examples of Decision Rooms




Application Rationalization

Reduce Service Support Cost

Server Consolidation w/Containerization

Decision Room Capabilities

Actionable Recommendations

  • Answers what, why and presents possible outcomes for each of the recommendation.
  • Makes the decision making process repeatable and optimally automated.
  • Simplified views with clear actions to achieve business and operational outcomes.


Contextual data and insights

  • Provides broader understanding of relevant issues for effective decision making.
  • Crisper views with all relevant data while avoiding clustered reports and dashboards.
  • Assists in better understanding of information and consequences.


Scenario analysis

  • Evaluate different options quickly before making a decision.
  • Identify strategies that yield best outcomes quickly.
  • Configurable inputs and ability to adjust the key parameters using intuitive interface.


Decision management - pending/approved/progress etc.

  • Gain quick view of all recommended action status.
  • Manage the lifecycle of recommended decisions.
  • Ability to track the progress of decision impact.


Integration with Collaboration tools

  • Easy to integrate with enterprise collaboration tools.
  • Invite other people to assist in decision making process.
  • Integrate with other tools to effectively manage the decision process.


Transforms the traditional manual decision making process to a data & AI driven decision making process

Integration of decision processes across the IT Infrastructure and Business Processes.

Simplified and standardized IT processes and collaboration with AIOps tools.

Automatic prioritization of recommended actions or issues arising due to scenarios

Contextual data and insights for each recommended actions to help with decision making.

Decision management and business model management, by referring to coherent inputs.

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