What is it
A unique virtual AIOps hackathon that will provide an opportunity for IT practitioners to experience and play with critical elements of AIOps journey and perform assessments. During the session participants will be performing some of the following
  • Analyze ticket/incident data
  • Gain new insights and hidden patterns
  • Identify problem areas to focus on
  • Data discovery and relationships
  • Develop insights for ROI model

What I get out of it

Participants can bring historical incident data (30 to 90-days) or work with demo data.
Throughout the hackathon participants will experience and appreciate the journey of data prep,
data quality and AIOps nomenclature and procedures

At the end of hackathon participants will produce the following results

Incident Quadrant

This helps to identify critical problem areas to focus on: Alert noise, High MTTR etc.

Incident Clusters

Boil down thousands of flat list of incidents to a handful actionable set of problem areas - based on commonality of problems symptoms (uses NLP/multivariate analysis)

Cost Analysis

Assess current costs/baseline for handling incidents. View possible cost saving opportunities

  Getting Started is Easy
  • Hackathon uses cloud based service - nothing to install, start in minutes.
  • Bring your own data or use ours
  • Use out-of-box models or customize to your needs
  • Register, Signup and Hack away
  • Do it from comfort of your own house /
    couch / coffee shop
  Intended Audience
  • Level: Beginner to Intermediate
  • ITSM/IT Ops/NOC Ops/Enterprise Monitoring
  • Operations Reporting
  • IT Professionals
  • IT Professionals with knowledge of IT operations/IT Service Management
  • Programming skills is NOT a requirement